Finding the way forward How can small cabinet brands seize the opportunity?

Nowadays, the cabinet market environment is ever-changing, and the competition among cabinet companies has become increasingly fierce. For some new-generation brands, compared with large brands, lack of funds and strength, therefore, the road of development will be more difficult. To explore the way forward in the market, what should small cabinet brands do?

   The market environment is changing rapidly, and cabinet companies are not easy to do

   Many companies can't even circumvent the problem of homogeneity in their own businesses, let alone expand into other industries. The homogeneity is serious, the company's products cannot be sold, the inventory is serious, and the performance is declining. If you are not careful, the cabinet business has fallen into an endless cycle of development. In addition, although WeChat and micro movies have become popular in recent years, they have become the direction of many companies' propaganda and expansion. However, in recent years, the WeChat marketing method itself has also fallen into 'black fairy tales' such as 'selling and selling fans, reposting, and reading volume'. If you don't pay attention, the company will fall into the abyss of beautiful-looking propaganda methods.

   Although powerful cabinet companies are keen to expand, 'expansion is risky' has become an indisputable fact. Cabinet companies spend money on 'expansion

   cabinet companies need to seize the opportunity to go

   In the fierce reshuffle period of the industry, due to the unstable brand structure, except for a few brands that have formed a 'development trendSo how can the new generation succeed in taking the position in the face of the powerful faction that is expanding in the big game?

   First of all, it is the premise to recognize the gap and avoid blind expansion. Regardless of whether the new generation of small and medium-sized enterprises is willing to admit, 'Born a few years later, naturally eat less food for a few years.' The gap in enterprise development is naturally inevitable. For these companies, it is necessary to recognize the gap between the strong and the big names. Don't blindly follow the trend, remember to weigh your pockets before making strategic planning, whether you have enough confidence and ability to avoid 'laughing and generous';

  Secondly, intensive cultivation of professionalism and hard work are fundamental. Any company that wants to develop, these cabinet companies should stick to their own cabinet market when others are expanding vigorously, complete their product upgrades with dedicated spirit and technological innovation, and stand firm on their own heels with specialization, even in When an expanding enterprise is distracted by a multi-category product, find the right time, surprise, and successfully counterattack; finally, in addition to having sufficient knowledge and accumulation of strength, it is also necessary for the enterprise to keep up with the pace of development of the times and find the right time and conditions.

   The expansion of the enterprise is to recognize the background of the 'big home' era, but the era is constantly evolving. What is the future trend and how the future era will develop, and the 'new generations' need to do well all the time Prepare, wait for the opportunity.
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