Fierce competition and busy shuffling the three major dilemmas of cabinet companies

At present, many cabinet companies are very busy in the market competition, but the busier the company, the worse the situation. Needless to say, the reason is that the economic background is the main factor, but there are also internal reasons for the enterprise under the economic background. So what causes these cabinet companies to 'work in vain'? Lack of clear goals, incomplete strategic planning, and do not understand Scientific marketing is the three major dilemmas for the development of these enterprises.

   cabinet companies lack clear goals

  Some cabinet companies may not be called companies, but exist as a small workshop, and only want to make a fortune. There is no goal, no concept, no corporate culture, no social responsibility, only knows to make money, but does not know the principle of making money. Such an enterprise will never be able to build a positive and sunny team, let alone establish a healthy and effective value creation model (commonly known as a profit model). Although the cabinet industry is a traditional industry, the decision makers of enterprises must also understand that even the traditional industry in today's era requires advanced concepts and clear goals.

   cabinet companies do not have complete market planning

   At present, many companies in the industry do not make market analysis, strategic planning, or tactical measures. They are completely hoping for luck. When the business is good, there is no sense of crisis at all. When the business is bad, I only know the price reduction promotion. I am keen to participate in group buying, bargaining and other low-level to extreme activities that destroy the market and harm the interests of the industry. They make no money and damage the brand. The image has also led his own business psychology to hell, and since then he prefers to go the wrong way, insulated from good methods. It has to be said that this dilemma is fatal. In such a fiercely competitive reshuffle period, it is impossible to break through and can only sink deeper and deeper step by step.

   do not understand scientific marketing

  As a traditional industry that is not yet mature in brand building, the cabinet industry can stand out if it can seize the opportunity during the reshuffle period. However, many companies don’t understand marketing, scientific advertising and publicity. They don’t know that brand added value is the only way to make money in this era (the era of homogenization). Failure to identify the most effective media is not to choose a media with a poor brand, or to choose an inappropriate media that cannot affect their effective customers, is ineffective and damages the image. Therefore, we can often see that many companies are 'busy' but have little effect. This is the result of their ignorance of scientific marketing. Such a predicament will allow the company to develop in a vicious circle, leading to a lot of waste, but to no avail.
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