Features and choices of industrial handles


Industrial handles are the most common and one of the most commonly used products in industrial hardware accessories, which are convenient for our life providers. Next, let's briefly talk about the characteristics of industrial hardware handles and how to choose.

Industrial handles can be divided into single metal, alloy, plastic, ceramic, glass, etc. From the material point of view. In terms of appearance, there are tubular, strip, spherical and various geometric shapes. According to the style, there are single head, double head, exposed, closed, etc. According to the style, there are not only avant-garde but also other styles.

As the manufacturing level continues to upgrade, industrial handles are also varied in patterns, and the design is constantly updated. From the material In other words, all copper and all stainless steel are better, alloys and coatings are worse, and the elimination of plastics is close. It is best to consider these points when choosing.

Industrial handles have two fixing methods: screws and adhesives. Generally, they are firmly fixed with screws, and adhesives are not practical. The all-stainless steel handle is similar in appearance to the stainless steel handle, please try it with a magnet. The handle must pay attention to the design, function and location of the furniture. Generally speaking, the relationship between handles and furniture generally has two treatment principles. Conspicuous or concealed.

The above briefly introduces the characteristics and choices of industrial handles. If you want to know more about handles, knobs, hand wheels, hinges, etc., please pay attention to Yantai Tanjia Precision Machinery.

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