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Fan economy can only flourish for a while, cabinet brand building needs to be persistent

by:Hench Hardware     2021-08-23
As we all know, today's stars have become an important part of the entertainment economy. Generally speaking, whether it is advertising or marketing activities, the biggest advantage of celebrity endorsement is to attract the attention of the public. Under normal circumstances, if the media investment and exposure rate are the same, advertising and activities with celebrities will have a higher degree of participation. Nowadays, more and more cabinet brands invite celebrities to endorse, in order to use fans to drive market sales and bring economic benefits.

   However, in the increasingly fiercely competitive cabinet market, the development of enterprises depends on comprehensive strength, rather than other 'shortcut' marketing methods. Although the 'fan economy' can help companies develop temporarily, for the long-term development of cabinet companies, companies still need to focus more on building their comprehensive strength.

  Products are the basis of all marketing activities

   First of all, cabinet companies should focus on product creation. The product is the foundation. It may be ridiculous to emphasize this point alone, but it is precisely this point that many cabinet companies lack. New products are definitely not as simple as a random display. They must be displayed with new product concepts. Designers must work hard in this aspect. If a good designer succeeds in this aspect, it is equal to half of the success of the new product promotion. The design effect is to give customers the first impression, which will also increase the transaction. Therefore, display design is a powerful tool for visual communication, that is, a medium that makes people feel about you.

  Experience service can show comprehensive strength

   In addition, cabinet companies need to focus on experience services. Many people think that cabinet products are of good quality and usefulness, which is a good experience, but this is not always the case. What is a good experience? First of all, we must first clarify this standard. A good experience is not just to say that the product quality is good, even if it is a product of average quality, you can experience a good experience. Some people put the service into the experience. After a good experience, you can understand the use process of the product itself, and the service is something other than the product, such as pre-sales, after-sales, maintenance, etc. A good service should exceed the psychological expectations of users. There is a sense of cabinet design and new products. If a service-oriented team is added to spread, a perfect guarantee system will be formed. Under the virtuous cycle of this system, the company will also reflect its comprehensive strength.

   Many people in the industry said that although such a 'fan economy' can bring temporary attention to cabinet companies and bring certain performance, it cannot have a long-term effect on the sustainable development of the company. The “fan economy” is just a framework and a ticket. It is a persevering construction that keeps people. After all, the competition of cabinet companies depends on their overall strength.
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