Factory experience tour-stone bricks for cultivation

News from this newspaper: Where does the courage of craftsmanship, design, service and stone brick come from? How was its unique luxury born? On January 21, 2015, nearly two hundred Casvino’s core strategic partners and outstanding entrepreneurs from all over the country came to the Casvino factory and started the XIN experience journey of Casvino.

Focus on the details, strive for perfection
Casvino natural stone bricks, each piece of marble used is imported from high-quality marble producing countries such as Spain and Italy. After layer-by-layer screening, only high-quality marble can enter the production line. For Casvino, every stone brick is a carefully carved work, so every link in the production line cannot be ignored. Every stone brick needs to go through more than 30 strict processes from entering the production line to final forming. At the same time, Casvino has invested heavily in importing a number of high-end machines from European and American countries, which provides a strong guarantee for the high quality of the stone bricks produced.
The experience of the production workshop left a deep impression on the guests. The meticulous work of the workers, the scientific and rigorous operation of the machine, the tense and orderly operation of the workshop...Every detail of the Casvino production base has won high praise from the guests.

Experience for yourself, the hard-won pieces of stone and bricks
In order to help the guests to more deeply integrate into the process of making high-quality stone bricks, Casvino carefully prepared a fun 'Cube' game for everyone: using stone bricks of various shapes and colors, guests You can freely use your imagination and combine them into different Rubik's Cubes. Through this game, the guests not only had endless fun, but also had zero-distance contact with Casvino stone bricks and experienced the temperature and texture of natural marble, thereby deepening their understanding and trust in Casvino, which is a strategy for both parties. The sublimation of the cooperative relationship helps.

True and sincere, the journey of experience ends perfectly
The good time always flies quickly, and in a blink of an eye, the 'factory experience tour' that lasted for two and a half hours came to an end. Although this trip to the factory was short, every guest experienced Casvino’s advanced technology and experienced Casvino’s strict quality requirements. This is a journey of experience as well as a journey of exploration. As a result, strategic partners across the country have a more true and comprehensive understanding of Casvino’s strong strength, and will join hands with Casvino to open up a brighter tomorrow !
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