Factors to consider when choosing hardware hinges


There are many factors that we need to consider when choosing a hinge. The material and size of the hinge are all within consideration. In addition, the price of the hinge is also one of the important factors.

A good hinge can be matched according to the space and opening angle of the door, so that the door can be stretched under various conditions. The unique upper sliding hinge makes the folding door easier. This kind of hinge overcomes the shortcomings of traditional glide slope design. It is easy to accumulate dust and is unsightly. The door can slide freely along the upper rail and has a unique style.

First, consider the material and structure of the door. Second, consider the size, thickness and weight of the door. Third, consider the opening frequency of the door. Fourth, consider the decorative effect. Fifth, consider the corrosion of moist air and dust. Sexual environment, the sixth is to consider the price.

K68-hardware hinge

Use SUS304 material

Flat joint page, opening angle 270°

Use: instrument box, power distribution cabinet, communication cabinet

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