Establish the concept of green marketing, the pursuit of efficiency is the key to the cabinet enterprise

The biggest problems faced by cabinet companies today are mainly the sharp increase in production costs and the sharp decline in profits. Faced with intensified market competition, for many cabinet companies, a little carelessness may be eliminated by the market. Keep advancing, constantly adapt to the market, and strive to win out of the dangerous environment.

  Establish the concept of green marketing

   The pollution of home improvement is becoming more and more serious now, which not only causes great harm to the air, but also poses great hidden dangers to people's own bodies. Smart cabinet companies will make efforts in this regard and produce environmentally friendly products. . At the moment when environmental health is increasingly valued, cabinet companies must implement green principles in cabinet products, packaging, prices, distribution, promotion, and sales services on the basis of establishing green marketing concepts, and combine them scientifically.

   spread the story of the cabinet brand

  Stories are an effective tool for spreading reputation, because they are sent with emotion and can attract consumers more. Cabinet companies should comprehensively process the cabinet’s green resource information, green production information, green technology information, green regulatory information, green economy information, green product information, green culture information, green consumption information, green price information, etc., and analyze changes in the green market Trends and development trends of green consumption provide a basis for green technology and product development. Pay attention to every detail of cabinet sales, sometimes it is the detail that determines the success or failure of the enterprise.

   Pursuing efficiency rather than efficiency

  Today, in order to establish a cabinet brand, advertising campaigns, packaging campaigns, and quality campaigns have been upgraded step by step, everywhere. Many cabinet companies have a slogan: Time is money, and efficiency is life. This sentence is correct. However, if you are going to go east, but you drive a Mercedes-Benz car to the west at high speed, the faster you are, the farther you are from the target. In fact, once the strategy and direction are wrong, no matter how good the execution and details are, they will never move forward. We can see that many cabinet companies in China have very high production efficiency, but the problem is that these companies do not have reasonable profits. Many cabinet companies are experiencing a backlog of products because of their high efficiency. As a result, the company is in trouble. Therefore, efficiency management is not enough. What we want to pursue is the benefit of the enterprise rather than the efficiency.
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