Establish a branding foundation, cabinet e-commerce needs to form characteristic and perfect services

Recently, the 9th China Online Retailing Annual Conference was held. The theme of this conference was 'The Next OutletAccording to industry insiders, 2015-2020 is expected to be a turning point for e-commerce from rapid development to rapid development, because at that time emerging online consumer groups born in the 1990s will focus on the social stage and become the main body of social productivity and the backbone of consumption. This shows that the cabinet industry is necessary to develop e-commerce. So how to find the right sales and service platform is also a necessary step for cabinet companies to smoothly develop e-commerce.

   cabinet e-commerce is built on the basis of branding

   When many cabinet brands were expanding their e-commerce model, they failed to achieve the mature marketing methods of physical stores, which resulted in insufficient consumer awareness of e-commerce platforms and failed to generate outstanding brand appeal. In order to promote the pace of e-commerce operations, many merchants do not hesitate to use 'price reduction' and 'price reduction' to attract consumers, which is actually very detrimental to the establishment of the brand.

   If cabinet e-commerce can gradually build a branded platform during development, it is likely to drive the maturity and transformation of the entire industry. In specific operations, you can try video display, brand tasting area and other behaviors to enhance consumers' reputation for products, so that cabinet e-commerce can smoothly get on the right track and achieve profitability.

   find the right e-commerce sales platform to form a characteristic

   At present, most cabinet companies are following the trend of 'others are in e-commerce, I also e-commerceAt this point, experts call it the lack of 'positioning' of its own e-commerce platform.

   In addition, industry observers pointed out that, to a certain extent, in similar sales platforms, how should cabinet brands grasp their own style, so that consumers can have a clear sensory understanding, and thus generate a desire to buy, which requires finding Professionals who understand both the cabinet industry and the operation of e-commerce should clarify the positioning, because the expansion of e-commerce is not an 'attachment' of the physical store, it represents the 'blue ocean' of the new consumer market. Therefore, if you want to have a new breakthrough, you must have platform features that can attract netizens in order to increase the probability of facilitating transactions.

  find the e-commerce service platform to complete the transaction

  According to the survey, many consumers have already felt that there are many problems in the distribution, installation and after-sales aspects of the cabinet products when they have the actual purchase experience of the cabinet e-commerce. These problems easily lead to consumers' distrust and unwillingness to make e-commerce purchases, while cabinet e-commerce companies face the 'risk' of high cost investment. In fact, both buyers and sellers do not get a good business experience.

   In fact, the long-standing 'last mile' bottleneck of cabinet e-commerce has gradually begun to break in recent years. If cabinet e-commerce wants to effectively control costs, they can find or even create a professional cabinet service platform , Responsible for the cabinet e-commerce company, to ensure the integration of transaction services, make consumers feel convenient, and make the e-commerce company profitable.
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