Environmentally friendly, customizable, and serviceable, solid wood wind blows to the kitchen

Did you know that when the consumer market was not so enthusiastic, solid wood cabinets passed the test, and turned into the most inquired about consumer decoration, and the purchase rate has risen by 30%. What's so interesting about the heavy and rigid solid wood cabinets? For some consumers’ confusion, the answer obtained by Beijing Youth Daily 'Guangsha Times' is that on the basis of preserving pure solid wood materials, solid wood cabinets have long been equipped to 'provide personalized designs for different usage needs' in order to please consumers. , 'Several appearances can be matched with any home decoration style' and 'Environmental protection coefficient is several times higher than panel cabinets' and other skills.

  The solid wood cabinets are on fire after the solid wood furniture

  'What material to buy for furniture?' 'As long as you don't have a tight hand, you will buy solid wood.' A simple question and answer will reveal the emerging consumption habits. Recently, the warmth of solid wood furniture is still there, and consumers' enthusiasm for solid wood cabinets has begun again. According to Beijing's mainstream home improvement company, the number of consumers who bought solid wood cabinets from 2013 to 2014 increased by about 30% compared to 2013.

   Last weekend, 'Guangsha Times' discovered that the Shilihe Store Building Materials Museum had opened a two-storey door-face store, the Oupai European Premier Pavilion, which is equivalent to opening a store-in-shop in a home furnishing store. Consumers You can walk directly into the main entrance of the store from Shilihe Pedestrian Street, and you can enter the side entrance of the store from the house of Juran. Turning around, the author sees six or seven European-style solid wood cabinets on the first floor, which are mature and stable, or fresh and beautiful, while the second floor is dominated by European-style solid wood wardrobes, which are designed with wine cabinets, bookcases, cloakrooms and beds. The model rooms with different styles give consumers an intuitive buying experience.

  Environmental protection into solid wood cabinets is the main reason why

   Although it is the opening of a new store, there are many customers in the European-style prestigious hall. During the small chat, consumer Miss Liu told 'Guangsha Times' that the price of solid wood cabinets was a little higher than her own budget, but after repeated understanding, she found that solid wood cabinets are more attractive in terms of appearance, environmental protection, and so on, so she finally decided to spend more money to buy Well set.

   Indeed, when choosing a cabinet, don’t ignore the accumulated pollution in a small space. Independent designer Wang Zhe said that avoiding 'kitchen' from becoming 'toxic room' is one of the main reasons why consumers prefer solid wood cabinets in recent years, because panel cabinets can't escape the trace amount of formaldehyde even if they are environmentally friendly.

  Personalized customization gives unlimited possibilities for solid wood cabinets

   is no longer a rigid cabinet combination game, solid wood cabinets are now also in the ranks of personalized customization, putting aside the modular design of the cabinet industry over the years, and playing with the feeling of 'heartbeat'. Yao Gang, deputy general manager of Opai Beijing, explained to the 'Guangsha Times' the way to customize solid wood cabinets: the brand will arrange for outstanding designers in North China to communicate with consumers, and dig out the operating habits of actual users in the future when cooking. According to personal preferences, the appearance, size and various functional changes of the cabinet are designed according to the overall style of the owner’s home. After repeated communication and modification with the owner, the final plan is determined and the quotation order process is entered. There is no limitation in the past that solid wood cabinets regard 'size change' as 'customization'. Nowadays, consumers can really complete 100% customized cabinet products according to their own preferences.

   In addition, 'Guangsha Times' also found that if solid wood cabinets want to be used properly, installation services are an important part, and consumers are better to keep an eye on them. Because solid wood cabinets are not simply spliced u200bu200band installed like panel cabinets. The connection between the cabinet and the wall, the combination of solid wood cabinets and the assembly of various patterns all need to be careful. Hundreds of times.
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