Enterprises and distributors need to help each other to win the cabinet market

Cabinet companies often complain about the instability of distributors. As everyone knows, the relationship between distributors and companies is like fish and water. If the cabinet companies do not properly handle the operational relationship, it will inevitably lead to the emergence of distributors' job-hopping phenomenon. Enterprises and distributors cannot achieve a win-win situation and will have a great impact on each other. Therefore, cabinet companies still need to coordinate their disputes with distributors. Only in this way can we help each other to win the market.

Three reasons why cabinet distributors 'hope'

  In the past, the cabinet brands that dealers acted for had no distinctive products, no brand awareness, unstable product quality, slow delivery, and service that could not keep up, so they had to change. The lack of product features, lack of visibility, and inadequate follow-up services are the three major reasons for dealers to change their brands.

   Faced with the challenge of dealers' job-hopping, industry insiders said that dealers took the initiative to leave the company, indicating that the company cannot bring benefits to the dealers. In order to enable distributors to obtain benefits, cabinet companies should attach importance to the training of distributors and introduce some supporting policies. Experts said: “Enterprises should follow dealers to make money. Dealers can make money. Naturally, they don’t want to change brands. If dealers don’t change brands, enterprises will be able to slowly earn back the invested capital and earn money. Get higher profits.'

  The interests and cooperative relations of dealers cannot be ignored

  The sinking of the cabinet business channels is most directly related to the dealers facing the third and fourth tier markets. As we all know, the loyalty of dealers is the guarantee for the long-term development of an enterprise. Especially in the cabinet industry, most agents act for products of multiple brands, so how to maintain the cooperative relationship with distributors in the third and fourth tier markets, so that they have a certain degree of loyalty to the products, and the development of the company in the third and fourth tier cities. Important.

   First of all, cabinet companies must form their own business philosophy and brand culture, because the recognition of the business philosophy and brand culture is the basis for dealers to be loyal to a certain brand. Relying on the influence of corporate culture to gain a certain degree of popularity and reputation in the third and fourth tier markets will become an important way for companies to obtain end consumers. Secondly, how the company guarantees the profit margins of third- and fourth-tier dealers is also a key point. Therefore, if cabinet companies want to make a difference in the third and fourth tier markets, they need to adjust the channel benefits and the division of channel functions, and they need to grasp a balance point.

   Help dealers make profits and achieve a win-win situation

   If you want to make money, you must first have the idea of u200bu200bmaking money. If the manufacturers and products can be distinguished well, and if the right manufacturers and products are selected, it is equivalent to half a good thing. The reason why some dealers have been doing it for many years but not doing much, in many cases, has a lot to do with not choosing the right manufacturer and product. Profitability is the ultimate goal pursued by dealers. For dealers, especially those who have just entered the trade, cabinet companies are very necessary to help them make profits in the initial stage, and then enable them to make profits in the process of self-operation.
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