Enhance competitiveness, cabinet companies must clearly position a solid foundation

Today, the overall environment of the cabinet industry can be described as survival in adversity for some companies. The impact of the downturn in the upstream real estate industry and competition among peers... How to improve their competitiveness and obtain high-growth income is every A problem that a cabinet company must think about. Observing well-made cabinet brands, we can find that corporate decision-makers can often endure loneliness. In the big wave of development, they are neither humble nor arrogant, nor impatient, and always clear the ultimate positioning and purpose of the enterprise.

   Clear positioning, cabinet companies do not need to blindly follow suit

   Nowadays, there are divergent opinions about self-positioning. When some peers start to cheer for their performance surge, some companies and cabinet companies can’t stand it anymore. Regardless of their actual situation, they blindly follow the trend, hinder their development, and become more serious. Was eliminated because of poor management. For example, with regard to market development, some people say, 'Don't rush to develop second- and third-tier markets, first stabilize first-tier dealers,' while others say, 'To take the lead, first seize the second and third-tier markets.' Regarding these two statements, they are actually 'different from person to person.' Chen Hao, deputy general manager of Zhibang Cabinet, believes that which market to focus on depends entirely on the company's target population and market positioning. If it is high-end positioning, it must maintain the first-tier market and focus on second- and third-tier cities. If it is low-end, the main market must be in fourth- and fifth-tier cities.

   The enterprise itself knows the enterprise best. If you move forward and blindly follow the trend, it will eventually put the enterprise in a dangerous situation. Great wisdom in decision-making means being able to calm down when others are impetuous, forge ahead when others hesitate, understand what others don’t understand, and change when others understand, and always be able to start from the standpoint of the survival and development of the enterprise, and make an ancestor thinking. Foresight and decision-making.

   With a solid foundation, cabinet companies can stand the test

   If you do not build a solid foundation, sooner or later, the cabinet business will lose the platform for survival. Therefore, when we call out the slogan of 'bigger and stronger' for the company, we need to reflect on whether the company has the ability to become bigger, and does it necessarily mean that the company is prosperous? The recently closed furniture factory in Shenzhen gave us some thoughts. When they become strong, they fall first. Therefore, companies must first be refined, and then talk about becoming stronger. A cabinet enterprise without a solid foundation is 'puffy' even if it is bigger, and it cannot withstand the temper of the market, nor can it stand the test of time. So is the enterprise being eliminated if it is not big? In fact, the concept of 'bigger' needs to be viewed and defined from the development of the company itself. It is judged based on the standards, rather than listening to evaluations from peers.

   It can be seen that keeping up with the pace of the times and finding a livelihood in the cracks of the market, it is not that there is no way out for enterprises, but that the cabinet companies are willing to use various channels and learning to find these “cracks” and exert their inherent creativity , Through various methods to inspire and break through the bottleneck of the enterprise, stand out in the tide of reshuffle of the cabinet industry.
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