Effect picture of changing a small balcony to a kitchen 2㎡ balcony teaches you how to change a kitchen


Now many people know how to decorate the balcony, such as growing flowers and planting grass, making it a place for reading and resting, or a room for storage, etc. There are many ideas and creativity. Wouldn't it be too wasteful if the balcony was just used to dry clothes?

The effect of changing a small balcony to a kitchen. The 2㎡ balcony teaches you how to change a kitchen.

Now many people know how to decorate the balcony, such as growing flowers and planting grass. It can be made into one. There are a lot of ideas and creativity in places to read and rest, or storage rooms, etc. Wouldn't it be too wasteful if the balcony was just used to dry clothes? Today, the editor brings you the renderings of changing the small balcony to the kitchen. If your house is relatively small and you need to change the balcony into a kitchen, you may as well refer to it!

The L-shaped layout cleverly separates the sink from the cooking area, and the layout is reasonable. Putting a few pots of green plants and flowers can not only purify the air, but also add a bit of fun to the space.

The red countertop and the white countertop are in sharp contrast, full of fashion, full of passion and vitality. Simple but not monotonous, passion but not exaggeration.

It can be seen that this room is relatively limited, and it has a one-line layout. White can widen the space and make the space look less tight and depressing. The lower cabinet also makes efficient use of space, cleverly accommodates the dishes, and looks more tidy and generous.

The beige cabinet has a warm feeling. The sunlight shining in through the window also makes people look more energetic and happy.

The contrast between white and gray makes the room look wider and brighter.

The editor’s words: The balcony is airy and light-transmitting. Many people will think about how to dress up the balcony well, so that It plays the biggest role. But the editor will give you a warm reminder that there are still many points to pay attention to when turning the kitchen into a balcony. For example, the kitchen will inhale air from the outside, which will easily blow the dry air from the kitchen into the room. If the wind is strong, it will also easily blow the fire. There is a certain safety hazard. If the kitchen is outside, it’s best to have windows, and you should also be careful not to float to the neighbor’s house next to oily smoke. The most important thing is to communicate with a professional designer and don’t blindly change it yourself! I hope these small balcony changes to the kitchen renderings can give you some reference, and if you like, share it with your friends and family!

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