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Economic growth shifts to medium and high speeds, and the development of cabinet enterprises cannot go down

by:Hench Hardware     2021-08-23
China's economy has bid farewell to the past double-digit high-speed growth and has begun to shift to a medium-to-high speed. One of the problems currently facing China's economy is knowing if it is next to the next level and whether it can stand on the next level and develop. This puts forward higher requirements for the enterprises as the economic main body, transforming the past growth mode, and realizing new benefits. As a member of the economic main body, the cabinet enterprises can of course not miss the change of the situation.

   China's economic restructuring drives domestic market consumption

   The income growth rate for the middle and low class has exceeded the growth rate of China's GDP, and the growth rate of working income has exceeded the GDP growth rate. This is an important signal of China's economic structural adjustment. The economy will show a see-saw pattern of new and old growth points in the next few years The situation of growth. This will bring about huge changes in the domestic consumption situation.

   First of all, the past major growth points such as real estate and exports have slowed down and will gradually be replaced by infrastructure construction, manufacturing and energy industry upgrades with rapid growth potential, as well as household consumption. Second, the adjustment of China's economic structure has begun. This sign is reflected in the high rate of increase in the income of Chinese consumers represented by blue-collar workers. At the same time, it is expected that the amount of Chinese foreign investment next year will exceed foreign investment in China, as well as the profitability of the financial industry. The gradual decrease.

  The best upgrade period has arrived, cabinet companies expand their layout

   is currently the best period for the upgrading of Chinese cabinet companies. From the perspective of the external environment, the intensification of market competition and the decline of the macro economy will cause most of the uncompetitive companies to be eliminated by the market, and companies must think about transformation, enhance product value and service value, and build brand advantages in order to find new development. Ideas. From an internal perspective, the prosperous market in the past has provided cabinet companies with sufficient capital accumulation and the ability to invest resources in upgrading products, services, materials, production, and brands.

   Cabinet companies need to upgrade in all aspects under the background of the slowdown of the general economic situation. Through research on China's regional economic structure, population size, environmental carrying capacity, etc., a new strategic layout will be launched accordingly. In addition, the product value of cabinet companies lies in the ability to convey happiness to consumers, and in the Internet era that emphasizes user experience and customization, this needs to be reflected by the company's services.
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