E-commerce enthusiasm is increasing day by day, or it may become an important marketing channel for the cabinet industry

Nowadays, the development of the Internet has deeply affected the shopping habits of consumers. E-commerce has become the first choice for consumers to shop easily. The arrival of e-commerce has also injected a new force into the home furnishing industry. Although there are still many disagreeable voices in the industry for e-commerce, the launch of more and more enterprise online malls has also brought power to many eager companies. It can be seen that e-commerce may become one of the important channels for the future development of the cabinet industry.

  The vast online market is the key to the development of e-commerce

   It is reported that as of the end of June 2014, the number of Internet users in my country has reached 632 million, which is nearly half of my country's total population. This huge Internet group is still growing and expanding. The vast online market continues to call for the home furnishing industry. The huge market space is the biggest temptation for the home furnishing industry to enter the e-commerce platform. There is no one.

   Consumer shopping methods boost e-commerce development

The arrival of    home furnishing e-commerce has injected a new force into the home furnishing market, raised the home furnishing industry to a higher level, and effectively promoted the reform of the home furnishing industry. It is understood that the trend of e-commerce is not limited to only one sub-industry. Various sub-sectors including cabinets, bathroom, flooring, etc. have begun to embrace the Internet army, including the open platform established in the O2O model. It can be seen that the Internet is becoming more and more important in people's daily life, and the water e-commerce in the cabinet industry will be a historic change.

  The primary problem of cabinet e-commerce development is to solve logistics

   As a large-sized product, cabinets are the key to e-commerce logistics. It is no exaggeration to say that if the logistics problem is not solved, cabinet e-commerce will stagnate. The irregularity of the logistics industry has therefore become an important reason why many cabinet companies dare not test water and electricity suppliers. Most of the risks of e-commerce are on the unguaranteed logistics and transportation, which makes many cabinet companies discourage the development of e-commerce. In the first half of this year, it was reported that a well-known domestic courier company would officially enter the logistics market and open large-scale logistics services. This is undoubtedly a help for cabinet e-commerce.

   The future competition is channel competition. If cabinet companies can manage e-commerce well, find ways and methods, and find a model suitable for their own enterprises, they will surely be able to occupy a favorable position in the increasingly fierce cabinet market competition.
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