During the period of rapid development, small and medium-sized cabinet companies should not be too hasty

The cabinet industry is still in an immature stage of development. Consumers do not have a high degree of recognition of cabinet brands, so nowadays there are very few well-known cabinet brands, and small cabinet companies are still in power. But with the advancement of the cabinet industry, the dominant position of small and medium-sized enterprises will be deprived of them in a short period of time. In this foreseeable dilemma, how small and medium-sized cabinet companies can overcome all difficulties and seek long-term development, cabinet entrepreneurs have to start to plan ahead.

   top priority: quality issues

  Product quality issues are always the most important issue in the development of an enterprise. Compared with mature enterprises, small and medium enterprises are more creative. Because of their small scale, they can use new marketing methods to quickly break through the market and seize market share on the basis of traditional models. But after all, such enterprises are limited in scale and restricted in production capacity. If they expand rapidly, the result will be: output has increased, but quality has declined. In fact, such examples are not uncommon. 'So, the complacent companies continue to move forward, while the impatient companies are left behind.' An insider said.

   Worry About: Service Issues

   For the rapid expansion of some small and medium-sized enterprises, it is not only the products that are 'harmedBecause when the company expands too fast, the management of the team will not keep up with the development speed, causing problems in the connection of major departments, which will easily lead to problems such as follow-up services or low quality. In addition, excessive dumping of cabinet products will also cause rapid growth in service costs, making enterprises seem unable to do well in terms of financial support and service personnel reserves. Therefore, when small and medium-sized enterprises develop, they should formulate matching operating strategies to unify all links and avoid leading and lagging phenomena.

  Difficulty in market expansion: investment issues

   In addition, as an important distribution channel for small and medium-sized cabinet companies, investment promotion is of great significance to the development of the company. Therefore, a major goal of the expansion of some small and medium-sized cabinet companies is naturally to strive to cover franchise stores in important domestic regions. Therefore, many small and medium-sized cabinet companies blindly expand the market in order to seek investment scale, and some even reduce investment requirements in order to recruit franchisees. The final result is that the amount of investment has arrived and the geographical coverage area has increased. However, there are more complaints from dealers. It is understood that in recent years, news such as dealers accusing merchants of not fulfilling their promises have occurred frequently. Most cabinet merchants and franchisees have basically ignored the dealers after signing the franchise agreement, and many support cannot be put in place. The fundamental reason for this kind of phenomenon lies in the fact that the investment scale of many small and medium-sized cabinet companies has far exceeded the scale of their control, and their management capabilities are beyond reach.

   In short, small and medium-sized enterprises are in a period of rapid development. Experts believe that this is really a normal state. As long as such enterprises can adjust their mentality and make long-term development strategies, they will be able to make breakthroughs in the industry.
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