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Drawer Slides Introduction

Drawer Slides Introduction


For the furnitures of your home, comfortable or not, it was decided by the cabinet hardwares, such as the drawer slide will make your drawers to move smoothly and quietly, for the cabinet hinges, it will help you to open the cabinet door comfortably. Now we will prepare a details drawer slide introduction.

What makes up a drawer slide

Drawer slides have two mating pieces. The profile of the drawer slide attaches to the side panel and drawer slides into or rests on the cabinet profile, which attaches to the cabinet. Ball bearings or nylon rollers allow the parts to move smoothly past each other.

Slides with ball bearings, top, typically carry heavier loads. Sophisticated construction and heavy-duty materials make them more expensive than roller slides, bottom.

To see or not to see

One of the first considerations when choosing a drawer slide is whether you want to see it or not to see it. when you open the drawers, Some side mounted drawer slides can see it, it have various colors (white, ivory, brown, or black) to help them blend better with light or dark drawer boxes as requirement. When you open the drawers, Some under mounted drawer slides can not see it, the drawer slides are installed under the bottom panel. It will make your drawers to be more perfect.

The stroke of drawer slides

Drawer slides further differ by how far they allow a drawer to open.
Over stroke type drawer slides utilize a telescoping design that lets the drawer extend beyond the cabinet. Use them when overhanging countertops get in the way of drawer access. Make sure the cabinet location provides spaces for opening the drawer fully out.
Full-extension slides also telescope, allowing the full length of the drawer to clear the cabinet. Choose these kind of drawer slides when you need easy access to the rear of the drawer, as in a file drawer. This kind of drawer, when you open it, it can get all the drawers out. It is very easy for you to get the goods out and clean the drawers easily.
78 extension type drawer slides allow the drawer to extend 78 of its length—a good choice between 34 - and full-extension. For this kind of drawer slide, it will no need to get all the drawers out, only get parts of the drawers, it will save more space for your kitchen.
34 extension type drawer slides, as you might guess, allow the drawer to open 34 of its length. Choose this type of slide when unblocked access to the entire drawer matters little, or where space limits how far a drawer can extend. For this kind of drawer slide, the drawer can get out shorter than 7/8 extension type drawer slide, it can save much more space for your kitchen.

Weigh the weight options

Typical light-duty slides have weight ratings up to 75 lbs, medium-duty up to 100 lbs, and heavy-duty for more than 100 lbs. 100-lb drawer slides will loading100 lbs goods.

Weight ratings apply to one pair of the drawer slides (the installation requires one pair for a drawer), so two 100-lb drawer slides cannot loading 200 lbs goods.

Longer drawer slides have much more robust construction than shorter ones of the same rating. For example, an 18" drawer slide rated for 100 lbs will be stouter than a 16" slide with the same rating. A shorter slide has leverage to its advantage.

With decisions made on type, extension, and weight rating, determine the right size drawer slide for your project and kitchen cabinets.

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