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Drawer slide

Drawer slide


When you want to decorate your clothes closet and decorate your kitchen cabinets, are you wondering how to choose the right drawer slide, wondering about the demand for styles of the drawer slides, how to choose the choice of function?

here is a quick introduction to the basic characteristics of drawer slides. as well as some of the functions and benefits for different types of drawer slides, figuring out what you want in each design will help you to do the right search. Let’s start to learning more for each design drawer slides.


Drawer slide mount type

It have three types of mount way, you can choose side-mount, center mount, or undermounted drawer slide, to decide which mount way, it need to see the space between the drawer box and the cabinet, this space will decide type to use.

(1)      side-mount drawer slide, they are used in pairs or sets, with a slide attaching to each side of the drawer.  Available with either a ball-bearing or roller mechanism. Normally in 1/2’’- between the drawer slides and the slides and the side panel of the cabinet.

(2)      Undermount drawer slides, they are used in pairs or sets, we mount to the side panel of the cabinet , then connect with the locking devices with the drawer slide. It can not see the drawer slide when you open the drawers, this will make much more beautiful for your kitchen cabinets. it usually required 3/16’’ to 1/4’’ per side with the panel , undermount drawer slides normally use for 16mm thickness of the side panel, if you want to use the thickness is 18mm side panel, it need to indicate to us for the special drawer slide size. The minimum space for the underside of drawer bottom to the next bottom of drawer slides must be 1/2’’.

Drawer slide extension

Decide how long out for the drawer to come when you open it.

(1)     3/4 extension-Part of the drawer remains in the cabinet. An economical option when full access is not an issue.

(2)     Full extension- allows drawer to open the full length of the drawer slide, providing greater access.

Motion features

Which kind of effect you want to have for the motion features.

(1)     Normal type drawer slide, it need to use some strength to open the drawers, then when close it, it must need to close the drawers to the end.

(2)     Soft closing type drawer slide, it need to use some strength to open the drawers, then when close it, you can give a little strength, then it can close by itself slowly.

(3)     Push to open type drawer slide, slide open with a nudge to the front drawer, it will do not need the knobs and pulls. An special good option for making modern kitchen cabinets.

(4)     Push to open- then soft closing design, it can make both effects for push to open the drawer slide, and when close the drawers can make slowly and smoothly closed. It can make the perfect cabinets.

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