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Drawer slide

Drawer slide


Drawer slide is normally using for the kitchen cabinets, furnitures. It have different designs, such as ball bearing drawer slide, nylon wheel drawer slide, concealed type drawer slide, heavy duty drawer slide, soft closing type drawer slide, push to open type drawer slide, metal box drawer slide. For each kind of drawer slide, they all have the different kinds of the functions. It also can bring you different feelings.

Ball bearing drawer slide, it installed in the side panels, it is three fold type drawer slide, it have the smooth bearing rollers, it make the drawer slide to move smoothly, the width can do are 17mm, 27mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 42mm, 45mm, the length can do from 250mm to 600mm, the loading capacity can do from 25kgs to 45kgs. The colors can do black and zinc one.

Nylon wheel drawer slide, it installed in the side of the panels, it only have one type size, the thickness can do different one, it can do from 0.65mm to 1.1mm,  then it will painting in different colors. This drawer slide in narrow size, so it will save the space for the drawers , but the loading capacity is also small.

Concealed type drawer slide, it installed in the bottom of the drawers, it will not see them when you open the drawer s, it can install with the small plastic handles, also can install with the adjusting nail. They are both convenient to install and get off. It will make your drawer s more comfortable. This kind of drawer slide can loading the capacity is 35kgs.

Heavy duty drawer slide is using more for the big and heavy drawers, such as tool box, machine drawer s, because it can loading the capacity is 100-200 kgs. For the width is 53mm heavy duty drawer slide, the width is 53mm, it can loading the capacity is 100kgs, the length can do from 600mm to 1500mm, it also can do the drawer slide with lock, when you close the drawers, it can not come out by itself , because it is too heavy, so it can move easily, but if the drawer slide with lock, the drawers will not come out, it will be more safe when you are using it.

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