Don't let the oil pollution ruin the ten thousand yuan cabinet, so choose the range hood is the most correct!

China has been a country with a long history of food culture since ancient times. Our life and health cannot be separated from food. The kitchen is the main place for us to cook food. Many owners pay attention to the decoration of the kitchen. Cooking inevitably produces oily smoke. Let the oil pollution ruin the cabinets of ten thousand yuan, so choosing the range hood is the most correct! Hurry up. How to choose a range hood? 1. The core of the suction range hood is to use the wind wheel to discharge the lampblack. You will see a lot of range hoods with different exhaust volumes. From the point of view of the suction power, the larger the better; 2. The noise depends on the suction alone. Of course, the bigger the better, but the exhaust air volume is proportional to the noise, and large suction will also cause the noise to become louder; in addition, many range hoods on the market that claim to reach wind speeds above 20m/s are not credible, and the smoke pipe is so big. It is difficult to meet the promised standard, and the issue of public flue must be considered. So generally choose 15-18 air volume, which can be selected according to the size of the kitchen and usual cooking habits. 3. Wind pressure The greater the wind pressure, the stronger the anti-backwind ability of the range hood, the better the effect of exhausting smoke outwards, to prevent the backflow of lampblack, generally about 300pa is more appropriate. How to choose a range hood 4. Energy consumption In theory, the higher the energy consumption level, the more energy saving, so it is generally better to choose energy consumption level one or two. 5. Clean the range hood frequently. The impeller, flue and other places are easy to stick to oil, which will increase the weight of the impeller, which will reduce the suction power and increase the noise. Generally speaking, toughened glass is better to clean than stainless steel; for troublesome families, you can also choose automatic cleaning function, generally use non-disassembly and washing and electric heating, but no matter which cleaning method, it can’t achieve 100%. %, it still needs regular cleaning to ensure a better experience. What are the types of range hoods? 1. Top-suction range hoods At present, most of the traditional range hoods on the market are 'top-suctionTop-suction hoods are mainly divided into Chinese hoods and European hoods. Compared with the 'Chinese-style' machine, the Chinese-style range hood is economical and affordable. The 'European-style' machine has outstanding advantages in terms of appearance and function. Its appearance is fashionable and its functions are more user-friendly. The difference between Chinese hoods and European hoods stems from the differences in Eastern and Western cultures and eating habits. Chinese people value practicality, European people value fashion; Chinese people pay attention to fried, stir-fried, and stir-fry in cooking, while European people prefer cold dressing and fumigation in cooking. For this reason, Chinese-style smoke machines generally use high-power motors, large turbines, large smoke bins, and single-layer smoke bins. European-style smoke machines emphasize moderate motor power, twin turbines, small smoke bins and no smoke bins, and multi-layer dense nets. The boards are superimposed. The Chinese style hood sucks and exhausts smoke well, but the oil fume does not separate, and it pollutes the surrounding environment to a certain extent. The European style hood pursues oil fume separation, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection, but the effect of oil fume absorption is poor. 2. Side suction range hood side suction (also called near suction) range hood is a product developed in recent years, which has changed the design of traditional hoods and the way of extracting range hoods. The cooking fume will be drawn from the side when cooking. Go, basically achieved the effect of removing oil fume, and the patented product in the side-suction range hood-the oil fume separation plate, completely solved the difficult problem of the oil fume of Chinese cooking. This hood adopts the technology of side air intake and oil fume separation, so that the oil fume absorption rate is as high as 99%, and the oil fume purification rate is as high as about 90%, making it a range hood that truly conforms to the cooking habits of Chinese households. However, the side-suction range hood with the fume separation plate has been tried, and the general response is loud. And this range hood has not yet become the mainstream product in the range hood market, so the varieties and styles available for consumers to choose are still not very good. rich. 3. There are few types of downdraft range hoods. There is a lower exhaust hood that is combined with the cooker. The main body of the range hood is directly placed on the cooker. Combustion exhaust gas and cooking fume can be discharged together; this hood eliminates the traditional range hood cabinet, and the stove top is spacious, especially suitable for placing on the balcony, because the range hood and stove are directly under the window, and the stove is not used With any device, the problem of installing a range hood on the window is completely solved. We all know that range hoods are indispensable for Chinese kitchens, not only for cleaning but also for our health. The above is the relevant information about range hoods compiled by the editor. I hope that everyone can have a basis when purchasing range hoods, so that they will not fall into the big pit when they are blinded. You can buy your favorite products and build one. Closer to the perfect home environment.
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