Don’t install this item at the bottom of the cabinet. The carpenter tells the truth. The cabinet is ten times more practical.

Don’t install this item at the bottom of the cabinet. Carpenters tell the truth. The cabinet is ten times more practical. In the process of house decoration, more or less interesting things will appear. What I want to share with you today is, The little interesting thing about my house’s renovation is that the decorator mainly asked me to install something more for the cabinet, and I need to add more money. Since I am more comfortable, I agreed directly. After the renovation, I also feel that I will give it The added money is too valuable! We all know that the kitchen plays a big role in our daily life, so when decorating the kitchen, we need to pay special attention to it. After all, only if the decoration is good, it will be more convenient when we use it in the future. . The kitchen itself will put a lot of furniture, such as cabinets. Cabinets are one of the relatively large furniture in the kitchen. Under normal circumstances, we will put some kitchen utensils in the cabinets. However, I think that there are some gaps under the cabinets in many people's homes. I believe that many people are very distressed by the existence of this gap, because it is a place where dust is easy to accumulate, which leads to every time we clean the kitchen. Will increase the burden of our cleaning. However, when installing the cabinets in my kitchen, the reason why the decorator asked me for more money was to install an extra board under the cabinets in my home. Although this is a very simple operation, the practicality of this board is indeed very good. It is high, it can completely block the gap under the cabinet. This is also the reason why I feel that the extra money is very worthwhile when I inspect the final decoration results. Of course, it is undeniable that the decoration master’s skills are very good. OK. The above is the fun fact that I will share with you today, but I mentioned the method of installing an extra board under the cabinet, I hope you can also try it, it is really practical! If you have some decoration fun facts or some decoration tricks in your own life, you are also welcome to come to the comment area and share with the editor!
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