Does the zinc alloy handle feel good?


Currently, zinc alloy handles are mostly used in the market. The key to zinc alloy handles is the surface treatment process. If the surface treatment of the handles is not good, the corrosion resistance of the handles will be greatly reduced. Will be affected, let's introduce the feeling of use of zinc alloy handles?

1. After the zinc alloy handle is surface treated, its corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance will be greatly enhanced. The handle is not easy to rust or fade.

2, the texture of the zinc alloy handle is relatively thick, and the price is not in a high state, it is very moderate price. Some manufacturers produce inferior handles, which are easy to rust or damage directly when in use, which seriously affects the rights and interests of consumers.

The feeling of use of the zinc alloy handle is good for the general public. In general, it is a good handle.

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