Design effectively drives industrial upgrading, cabinet brand unique core value

On January 18th, the 2015 'Design-Driven Industrial Upgrading' Summit Forum was grandly held in Foshan. The purpose of this summit forum is to integrate design and industry resources to help design drive industrial upgrading. After more than 30 years of rapid development, the domestic economy has entered an innovation-driven transformation period, and design is the soul of innovation. Only by continuously strengthening creative design can cabinet companies respond to the huge market demand.

  Design drives the upgrading of the cabinet industry

   With the help of digitalization and globalization, China has changed from a “world factory” to a “world market”. How to build a brand with unique core values u200bu200bis becoming an urgent problem for all industries and enterprises to solve. With the transformation of China's economic growth model from 'Made in China' to 'Created in China

   In this forum, some guests spoke that design is a means to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, enhance industrial added value, and beautify living spaces. If we say that in the thirty years of reform and opening up, technology as the primary productive force has turned China into the world's factory. So when the following structural adjustments and transformation and upgrading, design has become the first competitiveness.

   cabinet companies must actively participate in it

   Similarly, in the cabinet industry, we can also look forward to relying on the development and participation of design to integrate humanization, personalization, art, experience, etc., to change the current development mode of enterprises and meet the needs of industrial transformation and upgrading. Since then explored the innovative development of Chinese cabinet design.

   'Excellent design can not only meet the needs of end consumers, but also has a great role in promoting technology improvement, commercial success, social responsibility and other aspects, and guides the overall upgrading and development of the industry.' Industry insiders said, cabinets Enterprises need to participate in the promotion and implementation of the design-driven industrial upgrading with an active, rigorous, dedicated and professional attitude, and truly build a bridge for communication and interaction between the cabinet industry and the design community.
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