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Derusting skills of electric box handle

by:Hench Hardware     2021-05-31

Put the ammonium acetate into the same amount of clean water, and after it is fully dissolved, heat it to about 70cC;

Use a soft cloth dipped in the solution to scrub the rusted parts of the handle of the electric box until the rust spots disappear; then apply it to the cloth Wipe away the residual solution, and the electroplated parts will be as bright as ever.

Small parts can also be soaked in the solution for a while, and then wiped dry after removal, the same effect can also be achieved. Finally, wipe it with a dry cloth dampened with engine oil.


Use SUS304 material

Beautiful and practical

Installation: with threaded blind Hole

The material is stainless steel SUS304, which has corrosion resistance

Uses: testing instruments, kitchenware, food, machinery, etc.

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