Daily maintenance knowledge of stainless steel handle manufacturers

The handles are touched everywhere in the day. When you open the door, close the window, and pull the cabinet, you need the help of the handle. So every day, there is a close connection with the handle, and the handle is frequently used.   It is precisely because the handle is touched today. Such a touch handle must cause certain damage to the handle or reduce the service life of the handle. Therefore, in daily life, you must learn how to maintain the common sense of the handle.   There are many types of handles, and the materials are also different. According to the market, the daily handles are made of wood, plastic, alloy, ceramic, and stainless steel. Stainless steel, alloy and other handles are usually used. Because these handles are more practical, the stainless steel handle manufacturers will share with us some maintenance tips for stainless steel handles. 1. Start with the equipment and talk about the maintenance. The equipment time of the stainless steel handle should be carried out after the room has been decorated and the site has been cleaned, so as to avoid bumps in the construction process or when cleaning the site. Contains acid-alkaline detergent to clean the handle. 2. The surface of the stainless steel handle is more lubricated. Usually, I use a soft dry cloth to clean it. Assuming that the handle is in a place with a lot of oil in the kitchen, then you can use a dry cloth to dip the talcum powder to wipe the surface vigorously. It will shine as new immediately.  3. When cleaning stainless steel handles, do not use acid-base or corrosive detergents. This will simply corrode the metal and shorten the service life of the handle.
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