Customization + Internet to plug in the wings of the cabinet company

On March 22, 2017, the inaugural meeting of the China Personalized Customization Alliance and China Networked Collaborative Manufacturing Alliance initiated by the Fifth Institute of Electronics of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology was held in Guangzhou. China Personalized Customization Alliance and China Networked Collaborative Manufacturing Alliance are committed to building an information gathering platform for communication, service and application promotion, gathering leaders and experts in the fields of government, industry, university, research and application to jointly study development strategies, technologies and standards, and carry out pilot projects Demonstration and promotion of excellent technologies, products and system solutions. At the moment when the cabinet and other home furnishing industries are facing transformation and upgrading, the establishment of these two alliances has also pointed out the direction for enterprises: that is, to take a customized route and actively embrace the Internet.

   caters to consumer psychology, cabinets can be transformed into customized production

   The establishment of the China Personalized Customization Alliance fully demonstrates that the current advocacy of personalization is the mainstream of the entire Chinese consumer market. The industry has high hopes for the future of the personalized customization alliance. It is hoped that the alliance will further promote the development of the integration of manufacturing and the Internet. Explore personalized customization and networked collaborative manufacturing innovation models to play an active role.

   As the consumer market is younger, personalized customization has already become the mainstream of the market for the cabinet industry. With the gradual improvement of consumers' taste in life, the pursuit of consumer individuality becomes more and more obvious. The concept of pursuing quality of life fits well with customization. The customized service of cabinets brings consumers the feeling of individuality. In addition, cabinet companies need to grasp the consumer psychology of the current younger generation, focus on product quality, and add some personalized designs to the product appearance to make the products more fashionable and trendy, and more in line with consumers' psychological expectations. At the same time, in the business model, cabinet companies can also incorporate some modern marketing methods, such as using WeChat, Weibo and other platforms for promotion, etc., so that they can better express the buying psychology of modern consumers.

   Embracing the Internet, the only way for cabinet business transformation

  1. Cabinet products + Internet u003d smart cabinets

   In recent years, the industry voices about smart cabinets and other smart home products are endless. As a part of the home furnishing industry, cabinet companies must achieve transformation and upgrading to meet the needs of consumers who are increasingly pursuing intelligence. Put on the agenda, introduce high-tech talents, independently research and develop new technologies, and work hard on the ground.

  2. Cabinet Marketing + Internet u003d Network Marketing

   Marketing is a link that every cabinet company must pay attention to. With the development of the Internet, traditional marketing methods can no longer satisfy the younger consumer market. Cabinet companies must learn to use the Internet for network marketing.

  3. Cabinet channel + Internet u003d e-commerce

   When it comes to the hottest topics in the cabinet industry, e-commerce is definitely one of them. In the cabinet industry, there are also some brands that have long been involved in the field of e-commerce and have achieved good results. my country's future e-commerce potential is huge, and cabinet companies should keep pace with the times and keep up with the pace of market development.

   The establishment of the two alliances at the same time is an important force to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and it is also a new requirement for the transformation and upgrading of cabinets and other home furnishing enterprises in this era. Transforming customized production and actively trying '+Internet' will surely accelerate the modernization of traditional cabinet companies.
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