Custom cabinets in the small kitchen are beautiful and practical.

The small kitchen space itself is very small. When customizing cabinets, it will be limited by space. Therefore, we have to divide the space reasonably and create more reasonable cabinets, so that not only the cabinet design is beautiful, but also can meet the practical needs of daily life. It can improve the convenience and comfort of cooking at ordinary times. 1. Cabinet corner design. Cabinets can be tailor-made structural design methods, so that not only the corners can be used more rationally, but also the corner design can be used to rationally distribute the countertop space, so that the stove, the vegetable cutting area and the sink, The design of one-third of the world is more rationalized, and the kitchen countertops will not appear too crowded. 2. Wall cabinet-to-top design Wall cabinets are part of the cabinets. The corners of the cabinets are designed reasonably to create the wall cabinets to the top. This will not only make the wall cabinets more orderly and orderly, but also make the cabinet design more atmospheric and beautiful, realizing the kitchen hanging The cabinet is more rational for storage and storage, which expands the sense of space for storage. Three, cabinet pull basket design The space at the bottom of the cabinet can be installed with pull baskets. After all, the kitchen space is small. While there is no way to use other space to achieve storage, you can cleverly make reasonable use of the cabinets and install a double-layer design drawer type pull basket. This is not only convenient for opening and closing the door, but also the cabinet design is more practical. The cabinet customization in the small kitchen can not only make reasonable use of corner space, but also realize the perfect combination of cabinets and wall cabinets, but also achieve a larger storage capacity. The corner design cabinets appear to be relatively long, so that the entire cabinet can be built. More beautiful atmosphere.
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