Create the visual beauty of the kitchen cabinet door panels are carefully selected

The door panel of the cabinet is one of the components that occupies the most space in the upper part of the cabinet, and many consumers are very cautious in choosing the door panel when buying a cabinet. The following editor introduces the four most popular door panel materials on the market. The advantages of their use are that they have their own advantages. Consumers can match the kitchen with the appropriate door panel according to their own situation, injecting the first vitality into the kitchen that attracts attention.
   Painted Door Panel Fashionable Color Choice

   Painted door panels use MDF as the base material. After the paint treatment, the door panels present a bright texture. At the same time, the painted door panels are colorful and selective, and the lively colors also add a lot of colorful flavors to the kitchen.
   Fireproof door panel High cost-effective material

   Fire-resistant door panels are a kind of cost-effective door panels. They are relatively cheap and easy to care. They are widely welcomed by ordinary families. The color choices of fire-resistant panels are also diverse. Although the texture of fire-resistant panels is not as good as paint panels, they are wear-resistant The ability to withstand high temperatures is worse than that of baking varnished panels.
  Solid wood door panel, noble retro style

  Solid wood cabinets can bring a feeling of returning to nature in the kitchen. Although the color of solid wood is not gorgeous enough, it also exudes a quiet ancient charm. At the same time, the cost of solid wood door panels is higher, and most of them are larger in size. Suitable for higher-end decoration.
  Metal texture door panel Mysterious low-key luxury

The unique feeling of    metal texture door panels can bring many avant-garde visual effects to the kitchen. Its cold metal feeling adds a bit of coolness and mystery to the kitchen. It is a very effective choice for modern home decoration.
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