Cost rises, prices continue to chaos, and the overall price of the cabinet market has risen

From autumn to summer, the weather is getting cooler, and the decoration is slowly getting 'hot'. However, with the gradual release of the market's rigid demand and the impact of labor and transportation costs, the home building materials market has also set off a price hike. Industry insiders made it clear that, including bedding, cabinets, ceramics, bathroom, lighting, etc., price increases are the inevitable trend of the market, which is determined by the overall economic environment.

  The overall price of the cabinet market rose slightly

   Recently, many cabinet merchants have raised prices, resulting in a slight increase in overall market prices. Regarding this round of price increases, some dealers said that due to the impact of the overall economic environment, the costs of raw materials, labor, and logistics have continued to rise, resulting in continuous downward squeezing of profit margins, and pressure has to be forced to increase prices.

   It is understood that the cost of raw materials accounts for a relatively large proportion of the overall production costs of some solid wood cabinet companies. Since this year, the prices of upstream raw materials have indeed risen. Especially some cabinet companies that import raw materials from South Asian countries are subject to relevant local policies. Regulatory measures have become more and more restrictive, and the cost of raw materials has also risen.

  The cabinet industry is not standardized and the price is chaotic

   However, industry insiders revealed that although rising costs do have an impact on terminal prices, there have always been more serious price chaos in the cabinet market, and false bid prices have always existed. 'Price opacity is an unspoken rule of the industry. The marked price is far from the transaction price, and some transaction prices are less than 50% of the label price. Some merchants will increase the price secretly, first raise the price and then give you a discount, and finally the price will increase. .'

   Mr. Yu, who lives in Tianxin District, Changsha City, complained to reporters: “Nowadays, many cabinet merchants often engage in various promotions. pit.'

   In addition, there are consumers who reported that they were slashed when installing cabinets. In this regard, industry insiders said that although many big brands have set uniform prices for their products, different dealers often have different prices, and consumers may wish to shop around when shopping. When bargaining, it is best to calculate the installation and accessories costs, in case the other party increases the price during installation.
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