Correction and improvement in practice, cabinet companies adapt to the 'new normal' of e-commerce

The home furnishing industry is developing towards intelligence and internet. Brands are rejuvenating and evolving based on the main purchasing force. It is the cabinet industry that has to adapt to the 'new normal' changes. This requires cabinet companies to take advantage of the trend and face the challenges of e-commerce. You should also find a suitable model and adapt to the current conditions.

   E-commerce mode selection, forget other successful modes

  The first step for a cabinet company to be an e-commerce company is the choice of mode. When analyzing the successful experience of and Meilele, industry insiders found that their successful model was not provided at the beginning, but was constantly revised and improved in the course of survival and development. Its successful model is implanted in its growth environment and its own tissue genes, and often cannot exist independently of its growth environment and corporate organization.

   In other words, the success model is successful because it meets the inherent needs of the company’s development. It is not an external gilding, nor is it a mechanical imitation.

   So when cabinet companies choose the e-commerce innovation model, the best way is to forget all the successful models, starting from the needs of target users, to define and continuously improve their business models. Finally, let others summarize the successful model.

  Capital investment is not an absolute condition for the success of e-commerce

   We often see that traditional enterprises invest hundreds of millions in e-commerce projects. There is no doubt that the development of e-commerce projects requires capital support. However, success is definitely not guaranteed with a capital project.

   This involves entrepreneurial attitude. The cabinet company thinks not of how much to be made in three years, but of being alive and developing after three years. The lower the initial investment capital, the more likely the project will survive. As long as the project can survive, the team will be tempered, the model will have the opportunity to continue to modify and improve, the greater the chance of success of the project.

   A lot of capital has entered, basically when the innovation project is basically reliable and needs further development. The implementation and development of the early-stage project requires a small entry point, requires grounding, requires the team to crawl in the mud, and requires continuous revision and improvement of the business model.

   You must have a persistent attitude especially in difficult times

   Finally, cabinet companies must have a persistent attitude towards innovative projects when they are e-commerce. One is to persevere in times of difficulty. Entrepreneurship planning is often full of many beautiful visions, but as soon as it is done, it turns out that the reality is completely different. Many of the rules of the game on the Internet cannot be speculated by traditional people. The past successful experience is not only not helpful at all, but it will be unhelpful because the past successful experience is not applicable.

   Therefore, the cabinet enterprise must have sufficient expectations for the difficulties in the initial stage of the innovation project, and must be fully prepared for the persistence in the difficulties. There is rarely a smooth path to entrepreneurship. No matter how thoughtful the business model is, it will encounter unexpected problems, which requires cabinet companies to continuously modify and improve in practice. So don't talk about too much ambitious plans at the beginning of the business, but really survive. Persistence to survive is hope and there is a future.
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