Consumer disputes are mostly due to market irregularities, and the cabinet industry needs effective supervision

In the era of the new economy, is the consumer environment increasingly safer or worse? Consumer disputes continue, and daily necessities and food safety incidents emerge endlessly, which entangles consumers and confuses companies. In the field of home building materials consumption, it often occupies the top of the Consumer Association's complaint list, which is caused by market irregularities. In the cabinet industry, the relevant market standards are also lacking, which is also the point that urgently needs to be regulated.

   cabinet industry standards urgently need to be formulated

   Counterfeiting in the cabinet market is widespread, everywhere, directly impacting the influence of cabinet brands with a high market share and good reputation; coupled with imperfect policies and standards, some infringements cannot be effectively controlled , The skirmishers travelled unimpeded, taking advantage of the chaos to profit. This has caused disorderly competition in the cabinet market and mixed. For consumers who lack understanding of the market, it is undoubtedly a deeper harm.

   It is urgent to speed up the formulation of industry standards. To clarify the chaos in the industry and standardize the industry standards is not only to protect the industry, but also to be responsible for the market. In the current economic situation, the cabinet market is oversupply, and competition among cabinet companies will inevitably intensify. Whether it is the state, enterprise, consumer or third party, it is an important force for effective supervision and restraint.

  Multi-party co-construction of effective regulatory constraints

   First of all, the state should formulate more complete laws and regulations. Although there are some policies and regulations in the management of the cabinet market, they are still not perfect, and the word 'strict' is not fully reflected.

  Secondly, cabinet companies should be self-disciplined. This not only requires companies to produce and sell in accordance with national regulations and industry standards, but also requires companies to have a sense of responsibility in order to establish a good brand and reputation.

   Again, cabinet consumers should strengthen their awareness of self-protection. Keep all relevant vouchers, agreements, receipts, invoices and other relevant supporting materials. These materials will become powerful evidence for rights protection.

   Finally, the cabinet industry should introduce a third-party supervision system. That is, consumers can hire a supervisor from a professional supervision company to supervise and manage the entire home improvement process, which can effectively reduce industry chaos.
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