Congratulations to Guangdong Meipan Electric Co., Ltd. on its successful listing in Shanghai Equity Custody and Trading Center

The sound of the salute shook the world, and Meipan was listed and set sail. On December 8, 2014, Guangdong Meipan Electric Co., Ltd. (equity code 202466) was officially successfully listed in the Shanghai Equity Custody and Trading Center, which marked that Jiezhao officially landed on the Shanghai Equity Custody and Trading Center platform and officially entered the capital market. This is also the first company in the integrated kitchen industry to officially list on the Shanghai Equity Custody Trading Center. Mr. Huang Guowen, Chairman of Meipan, attended the special listing ceremony held in the listing hall of Shanghai Equity Custody and Trading Center. Zhou Lifeng, General Manager of Authoritative Investment Management Co., Ltd., and Ai Changjun, Executive Manager of Shanghai Equity Custody and Trading Center, attended the ceremony and made a statement In his speech, he witnessed this historic moment with the senior executives of Meipan enterprise and distributors in various regions, Shanghai TV station, and the industry's authoritative media Zhonghua

   Meipan Chairman Huang Guowen, Deputy General Manager Fang Jianqiang, Shanghai Stock Exchange General Manager Zhou Lifeng, Executive Manager Ai Changjun, Shanghai TV Station, China Integrated Kitchen Media, etc. will wait and witness the historic moment of Meipan listing .

   Welcome guests with fireworks outside the venue, reporters and media waiting for interviews

   The listing of Meipan Shanghai Equity Custody Trading Center can not only release financing information, expand corporate visibility, attract investors, but also help companies standardize corporate governance and gradually improve the various issues encountered in the process of corporate development from small to large Corporate governance and business management issues, gradually familiar with the operating rules of the capital market, to lay a solid foundation for future listings, in addition to greatly enhance the corporate brand image, enhance corporate credibility, improve the level of standardized operations, and promote the healthy and rapid development of the company.

   The chairman of Meipan made a speech on the podium, briefing on the development plan of Meipan.

   Meipan Chairman Mr. Huang Guowen and Vice President Fang Jianqiang sounded an exciting moment

  Mr. Huang Guowen, the chairman of Meipan, has lofty ambitions and persistent pursuit of lofty ideals and goals. With sincere love for the cause and precise control of the market, in just a few years, it has continuously created the legend of the integrated stove industry: Meipan 'SupremeThe Ru0026D of each of the “Qimen”, “Xingyue”, and “Wuji” series of integrated stoves has promoted the innovation of the technology and craftsmanship of the integrated stove industry, driving the integrated stoves from inferior to high-end 'golden' quality. The trend of 'Mei Pan' has blown across the country, leading the trend of kitchen consumption, and has won the favor of the market, making great contributions to China's integrated stove industry to gain a foothold in the market and expand its influence.

  Executive Manager Ai Changjun awarded the Bronze Medal of Listing Certificate for Meipan

   Everyone toast to celebrate, together to congratulate this exciting moment

  Meipan adheres to the principle of 'a happy family with beautiful hopeFirst, hardworking, enterprising, and the wolf spirit of seeking breakthroughs in the bottleneck. In terms of product design, GM boldly seeks new ideas to make products more aesthetic and artistic, constantly changing the innovative appearance structure, and developing a series of products that detonate market trends. The company has created a corporate culture of 'happy families with beautiful hope'. Let more families be happy.

   Meipan is the most influential brand in China's integrated stove industry and the creator of the overall kitchen. Meipan’s sense of social responsibility makes the outstanding Meipan even better now. Meipan's entry into the Shanghai Equity Custody Trading Center is a milestone event in the company's development history. This means that Meipan officially set sail in the capital market, and the successful listing also marks that Meipan has reached a new level, providing new opportunities for further development and achieving the successful integration and integration of the enterprise and the capital market. Meipan will use The Shanghai Equity Custody Trading Center is a venture capital financing platform that broadens channels, enhances corporate influence, and continuously increases the market share of products, so that corporate development can reach a new level and create greater value to give back to the society.

   Let our company move to a higher level and a larger capital market, so that everyone's value can be more embodied! Meipan was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Center today. This historic moment on December 8, 2014 will be the pride of Meipan people and set sail with our dreams.
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