Competing in the global cabinet market, Chinese cabinet companies can also get rankings

Since China's reform and opening up, it has not only opened the way for Chinese brands to go international, but also opened the door for foreign companies to enter the Chinese market. China has gradually changed from a 'world factory' to a 'world marketHowever, in the international cabinet market, Chinese cabinet brands have not won an excellent ranking.

   cabinets are products of the people's livelihood, and already have considerable rigid demand in China, let alone the international market. The development of the cabinet industry is also booming. Chinese cabinet companies can also take advantage of this great opportunity for the global cabinet industry to flourish and export to the world a Chinese-style cabinet marketing system, cultivating diversified channels, unblocked distribution and retail channels, and building brands and Lay the local professional market, hidden channels and public relations.

   In order to achieve this goal, cabinet companies should also prepare for the following five aspects:

  First, full market research. Cabinet companies must conduct relatively complete investigations on the basic conditions of the target market, such as the political and economic environment, humanities, religion, culture, market environment, industrial channels, and brand competition status.

   Second, a clear market positioning. Each company's own expertise has its own uniqueness, so the situation that appears in different markets is also inconsistent. Therefore, cabinet companies must have tailor-made positioning in different markets.

   Third, tailor-made product portfolio, price policy, distribution system, public relations, it is best to have a landing marketing team and advertising partners.

   Fourth, the financial and logistics system. The army has not sent out, the food and grass go first. Brand building channels is a battle of logistics supplies, so cabinet companies must have a sound financial and production and sales logistics system.

   Fifth, the team. The establishment of the first-line market and back-office team is the core of brand building and channel construction and operation. After all, all ideas and ideas still need a steel armoured and iron-blooded force to compete on the battlefield and conquer the land.
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