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Common hardware stainless steel hinge

by:Hench Hardware     2021-06-09

Hardware stainless steel hinges are a common part of our daily lives. Stainless steel hinges are mostly installed on cabinets and doors. If the hinges are installed improperly, it will affect the experience later, so what are the precautions when installing stainless steel hinges.

1. When we install stainless steel hinges, we must first estimate the weight of the door or cabinet, and choose the appropriate hinge according to the specific weight. The normal opening and closing of the hinge can be guaranteed.

2. The hinge must be tested before installation to check whether it is damaged or deformed. Because for doors and cabinets, the role of hinges is the key, if the bearing capacity is not enough, there may be safety hazards.

3. The most important thing for stainless steel hinges is the details. Regardless of the shape, size and surface treatment of the hinge, every detail needs to be done well.

The above is the relevant content about hardware stainless steel hinges shared by the editor, I hope it will be helpful to consumers.

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