Common appearance treatment of stainless steel handle

The common appearance treatment and color introduction of stainless steel handles are well known. The appearance treatment of stainless steel handles is particularly important. The quality of stainless steel handles also depends on the appearance treatment. Good stainless steel handles should be sanded uniformly. The color is relatively dim and gives a sense of stability. The surface treatment of stainless steel handles cannot have sand holes, and the appearance of cloaks is even more unbearable. The following introduces the common colors and surface treatment processes of stainless steel handles:   1, seven colors, titanium gold, rose gold, champagne gold, imitation gold, beige, rose red, purple red, purple gold, coffee gold, brown, zirconium gold, Japanese gold, Hong Kong Gold and sapphire blue.  2, black gold, spray black, black lacquer, gray-black, matte black, roasted black, pitted black.  3, bronze, bronze, yellow bronze, red copper, bronze, white bronze, coffee bronze.  4. Carving, etching, baking varnish, spray paint, chaotic pattern, sandblasting, wood color, star point, leather pattern, button flower, spot paint, PVD.  5, ancient silver, sand silver, silver, sandblasted silver, silver white, silver gray, pearl silver.  6, gray, dark green, frosted green, blue crystal, cloisonne, crystal, white, chrome white, dark brown, young color.  7, chrome plating, zinc plating, bright chrome plating, pearl chrome plating, matt chrome plating.   8. Mirror, mirror light, bright light, bright gold, wire drawing, sanding, medium sand, full sand, placer gold, matt, bright. 
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