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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year


The Spring Festival is the grandest traditional festival in China.  It is a folk festival of blessing, entertainment and food. 

 The Spring Festival has a long history and carries a rich historical and cultural heritage in its inheritance and development. 

 The activities of the New Year are colorful, lively and festive, and embody the essence of the traditional culture of the Chinese civilization. 

 During the Spring Festival, a variety of New Year's Activities are held all over the country, due to different regional cultures and there are differences in the content or details of customs.


In the process of inheritance and development, some relatively fixed customs have been formed, such as buying New Year goods, cleaning the room, pasting couplets,

eating New Year's Eve dinner, staying up, paying New Year's greetings, watching lanterns and so on.

 Traditional festival ceremonies and related customs and activities are important elements of the festival, carrying the rich and colorful festival culture.

Buying New Year goods

Usually, the Spring Festival goods include food, clothing, daily necessities, couplets, gifts and so on,

collectively referred to as the Spring Festival goods,and the procurement process is called "do Spring Festival goods". Spring Festival

shopping is an important activity for Chinese people to celebrate the Spring Festival. 


Cleaning the room 


Before the New Year, people have the custom of cleaning the house, every family will clean the house, including the bedroom, kitchen,

living room and yard, hoping to clean up all the dirty bad luck and poverty, to pray for better luck next year  


Put up couplets

Before the Spring Festival comes, every family will buy a lot of Spring Festival couplets, Then stick it on the door,

the room will be posted some New Year pictures, hanging red lanterns at the door.


 Some people cut paper-cuts themselves, using red paper to cut out various words and patterns and paste them on the Windows.


Family reunion dinner

people who work outside the home often go home to get together with their families before the New Year's Eve. The Chinese New Year's Eve dinner is the family reunion,

 which is the most important dinner for the family in the year

It was a very rich dinner, and every dish of the New Year's Eve dinner had many meanings, For example, chicken means good luck, fish means abundance every year and so on,

 It is also a wish for a better life in the New Year. The annual Lunar New Year's Eve dinner is extremely important for the Chinese people.

The old and young families respect and love each other, talk about their love together, and sit around the table, feeling happy 


Set off firecrackers


When the New Year bell rings, the first thing every family does when they open the door is to set off firecrackers,

 To ring in the New Year with the sound of firecrackers, Setting off firecrackers can create a festive atmosphere, is a kind of festive entertainment, can bring people happiness and good luck.

Happy New Year


After the New Year, people begin to visit relatives and friends to say congratulations and blessings.

 The meaning of paying New Year's greetings is to visit friends and relatives to contact each other and express their feelings and good wishes for the New Year's life.

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