China's economy will usher in a new normal, the cabinet industry cannot wait to die

The outbreak of the global economic crisis announced that the world economy has entered a period of 'major adjustment' and 'major transition.' The superposition of the background of this era and China's phased factors determines that China's economy has entered a period of 'new normal' in which the growth rate has gradually declined, and it has presented new phenomena and new laws that are different from cyclical adjustments.

  The new normal brings new development opportunities to China

  What is the new normal? 'New' means 'different from the old quality'; 'normal' is a state that often occurs. The new normal is a relatively stable state that is different from the past. This is a trending and irreversible state of development, which means that China's economy has entered a new stage different from the rapid growth period of the past 30 years.

   It is true that the new economic normal has brought new development opportunities to China. First, although the economic growth rate has slowed down, the actual increase is still considerable. Whether it is speed or volume, it ranks among the best in the world. Secondly, economic growth has become more stable and growth momentum has become more diversified. China's economy is more dependent on domestic consumer demand, avoiding the external risks of relying on exports. Third, the economic structure has been optimized and upgraded, and the development prospects have become more stable. China's economic structure is 'better in quality and better in structure.' Coupled with the government's efforts to streamline administration and delegate powers, market vitality is further released.

  The cabinet industry needs to transform and strive to adapt to new thinking

  The new economic normal has also brought certain opportunities to the cabinet industry. Under the current market environment, how should cabinet companies adapt to the economic 'new normalIt is a question worthy of consideration and discussion for enterprises. With the changes in consumer demand and market trends, the home furnishing industry has entered the 'big home era'. With the advent of the era of large home furnishings, a series of humanized solutions such as fine decoration, one-stop, integration, etc. are gradually being implemented, and they may be sought after by more consumers, so that the home furnishing industry will break through obstacles, continue to pick up, and drive the overall development of the industry . Cabinet companies need to accelerate the creation of a new business model integrating product design, research and development, manufacturing, branding, sales and service to adapt to the advent of the 'big home' era.

  The opportunities brought about by the new economic normal may be able to promote the recovery of the cabinet market and encourage enterprises to reach the peak again. Therefore, cabinet companies can't just wait and see, they must continue to innovate and standardize the pattern of future development.
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