Channel sinking and occupying the rural market, cabinet companies must also pay attention to rules and regulations

In the 21st century, the state has paid more and more attention to urbanization and has issued many policies to support the development of cities and towns. Moreover, the market in first- and second-tier cities is becoming saturated, while the development prospects of third- and fourth-tier cities are very broad. This has led cabinet companies to see business opportunities and sink their channels. However, cabinet companies also need to pay attention to the rules and regulations to enter the third and fourth tier cities. Lowering gross profit margin and small profits but quick turnover may be able to occupy more market opportunities.

   Seize the sinking opportunity to occupy the rural market

   2015 is a crucial year for cabinet companies to determine the success or failure of their rise and fall. If they expand or shrink cautiously, they may lose their market position. Therefore, professional and deep cultivation has become a major mainstream viewpoint for cabinet companies to seek development. Faced with the increasingly severe situation, the leader of a certain cabinet company quietly found a major direction for deep cultivation-rushing to the countryside. It is true that, like other industries, the cabinet industry that has developed for decades can actually achieve channel differentiation. It is not difficult to foresee that in 2015, many cabinet companies will further penetrate the third, fourth, and fifth-tier cities and occupy the vast rural market. However, the market development prospects are determined by the cabinet companies according to their actual conditions.

   Reduce gross profit margin to cater to customers to the greatest extent

  In the era of 'micro happinessIn this environment, cabinet companies can only take the initiative to reduce gross profit and obtain development opportunities in a mode of small profits but quick turnover. For consumers, decorating the kitchen is a big deal, and it is not easy. Most people only have one or two opportunities in their lives. The cabinet companies must first reduce the gross profit margin, cater to customers to the greatest extent, and increase the quantity.

   In short, cabinet companies should keep up with market demand and seize opportunities to develop, and take their own path according to their own actual conditions to win the consumer market.
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