Casvino signs contract with Huang Shuheng for product design strategic cooperation

News from our newspaper: On January 21, Mr. Huang Shuheng, the founder of Taipei Xuanwu Design, brought wonderful sharing to the guests and formally concluded a strategic partnership with Casvino. Lin Song, the general manager of Modern Decoration Magazine, Chen Yanan, the editor-in-chief, He Wenguang, the project director of Guangzhou International Design Week, and the senior executives of Casvino visited the venue to witness the cross-border cooperation between design and materials.

A great presentation of strength, the master interprets the design concept of XIN
In the sharing session, Mr. Huang Shuheng brought a keynote speech on 'The Conflict Aesthetics of Architectural Design'. From the perspective of conflict aesthetics, Mr. Huang Shuheng first analyzed the manifestation of conflict aesthetics in architectural design by combining his own practice in architectural design and company establishment. Next, he took some representative works as examples to explain his unique design concept. At the same time, he contacted the current status of the architectural design industry to deeply discuss the current domestic and foreign design circles’ popular trends and thoughts, as well as the future of architectural design. Direction of development.
Mr. Huang Shuheng's infectious speech and his amazing achievements in the field of architectural design won high praise from the guests present. And its unique design concepts and works also brought different inspirations and inspirations to the guests present, and the atmosphere of the venue was once high.
Combination of powerful forces to create design XIN field
In the interviews with reporters from major media to Mr. Huang Shuheng. When talking about why he chose to cooperate with Casvino, Mr. Huang Shuheng said that he chose Casvino as a strategic partner because it has a young XIN team headed by the 'master' Lu Shaoyou. The quality of stone bricks. For the application of stone brick art in design, this cooperation is a XIN attempt, which will surely open up a XIN field.
As a senior architectural designer, Mr. Huang Shuheng has always been committed to the perfect combination of modern technology and Eastern philosophy. He has profound knowledge in space layout and detail forging. His unique style works are well-known on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. As the top handed down stone brick brand in the stone industry, Casvino has achieved a new standard of luxury house decoration with the first brand of ecological stone bricks. The conclusion of the strategic design cooperation relationship between the two parties has truly achieved a perfect match.

Be forward-looking and inject the vitality of design XIN together
In the future, Mr. Huang Shuheng will use unique design concepts and rich practical experience to inject fresh blood into Casvino’s stone brick design from a strategic height; Casvino will also be the top stone brick in the market. Quality provides a more high-quality artistic carrier for Huang Shuheng's architectural design. I believe that the combination of the two parties can inject new vitality and compose new brilliance for the rapid development of architectural design and luxury home art in China and the world!
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