Carry out product and marketing innovations, cabinet companies are not afraid of chasing soldiers and tigers

For most cabinet companies, in the ever-changing market environment, they are often faced with the situation of chasing soldiers before and after tigers. If cabinet companies cannot adjust themselves and innovate products and marketing models, it will be difficult to maintain their market position. , To achieve comprehensive expansion.

  Cabinet enterprises must carry out product and marketing innovation

   The current problem in the cabinet industry is that there are too many brands and the lack of innovation in product design. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently thousands of single-category cabinet brands in China, and dozens of slightly larger ones, and these brands have too many similarities in products and marketing. In Italy, Germany, the United States and other countries, most of the single-category cabinet brands on the market are decades or hundreds of years old. Each brand department has its own unique style and knows what brand it is at a glance. If an enterprise wants to develop, especially under the sluggish market conditions, only innovation can find a breakthrough and win competition. The key lies in product innovation and marketing innovation.

  Product design, insight into consumer demand, showing personality

   In terms of products and marketing, innovation is needed. Product innovation means that cabinet companies come out of imitating each other. This requires corporate self-discipline and the government to increase efforts to create a good environment for protecting the driving force of innovation. That is to say, cabinet companies must have insight into user needs, develop and design products that meet market needs, and show Your own brand personality allows users to know who you are at a glance among thousands of competing products.

  Marketing innovation makes the consumption process more convenient and pleasant

   Marketing innovation is to revolve around the 'convenience and pleasure of user consumption'. To put it bluntly, it is how users can easily find you and get a pleasant consumption experience. To make it easy for consumers to find you, it requires a diversified layout of channels. There are both cabinet stores, independent stores, and even shopping mall stores offline. There is an online e-commerce platform that has its own winning online experience, and online interaction is experienced offline. Realize the mutual benefit of the two lines, and finally let users feel the pleasure of the body and the sense of brand identity.
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