Careful purchase of household hinges


The hinge is an important piece of hardware connecting the furniture. We all know that the function of the hinge cannot be ignored. As people's demand for life increases, hinges have gradually become a key factor in measuring the overall quality of furniture.

According to material classification: common materials for hinges are zinc alloy and stainless steel. Stainless steel hinges are durable and brighter as they are used. Its strength is good, corrosion resistance is strong, and the color is unchanged; the strength and rust resistance of zinc alloy hinges are poor, and the advantage is that it is easy to make parts with complex patterns.

Classified by function: Furniture hinges can be divided into functional furniture hinges, structural furniture hinges, and decorative furniture hinges. Can be classified according to the role of different furniture.

K15-nylon hinge

Use PA material

Lightweight, oil resistant, angle 180°

Use :Instrument box, power distribution cabinet, mechanical doors and windows, etc.

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