Can the market capacity of 430 million make smart kitchens go viral?

With the development of the times and the gradual increase in consumer demand, my country’s smart kitchens have great potential, but the market is not yet mature. The 'China Family Development Report 2014' clearly pointed out that in 2014, the number of Chinese families was 430 million, ranking first in the world. Undoubtedly, this is great news for kitchen equipment companies and even the entire furniture market. Of these 430 million households, it can be said that many of them are potential customers in the smart kitchen equipment market. Now, the immaturity of the smart kitchen market actually means that it has huge potential. Such a huge market for smart kitchen equipment is a business opportunity for kitchen equipment companies to seize, increase investment in smart kitchen equipment, and focus on development.

   my country’s smart kitchen started late and is not yet mature

   In fact, the smart kitchen system in my country started relatively late, and there are still certain differences between the product itself and market demand. Smart kitchen is a platform with interactive capabilities that can interact and exchange various systems, protocols, information, content, and controls in different subsystems. However, the development of smart kitchens by enterprises in my country is very limited.

   At the same time, the concept of consumption in my country's smart kitchen market is still immature, but with the further implementation of smart kitchen market promotion, consumers will have a deeper understanding of smart kitchens. Once the consumer's habit of using smart kitchens is cultivated, the smart kitchen market will expand rapidly.

   stand in front of smart kitchen equipment, focus on research and development for development

   Recently, there is a piece of data on the frequency of use of mobile devices in the kitchen: Among them, 24% of users said that they have been using a tablet or mobile phone to watch recipes, 34% of users use occasionally, and 18% of users rarely use it. Used, another 24% of users have never used it. In other words, the potential users of kitchen equipment is as high as 58%, which is a number that other types of smart kitchen equipment cannot compare. It can be seen from the above data that the market prospect of smart kitchen equipment is very broad, even surpassing other kitchens. In addition, cooking is an eternal art, and it is also something that almost every family needs to face every day. Coupled with people's attention to healthy diet, the huge market potential brought by it is impossible to estimate.

   In the future, with the expansion of the smart kitchen market and the continuous updating of technology, it is impossible for ordinary companies to cover the entire market for the smart kitchen market. Therefore, kitchen equipment companies do a certain type or certain type of smart kitchen The related products are also one of the development directions of the enterprise. Kitchen equipment companies should spot this business opportunity, focus on the development of smart kitchen equipment products, and fundamentally solve technical and design problems. Only in this way can they win the future kitchen equipment market!
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