Can Hench provide Drawer Slide installation video?

According to customer needs, SHANGHAI HENGCHUAN HARDWARE Co., Ltd. is able to provide Drawer Slide installation video. We understand that sometimes an instruction manual or documentation could be lengthy and boring. So we are always ready to create a video series for our main product line. Watching these videos can both visually show a process and let our customers walk through the steps, which is much easier. Some of the Videos are already made and are placed on our website, given to our sales reps, and distributed to the support team. Check our website or contact a support person if you need an installation video.
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Over the years, SHANGHAI HENGCHUAN HARDWARE has achieved a steadfast standing in China. We are able to develop and manufacture quality Iron handle. Hench provides a wide range of Aluminum handle for customers. Zinc alloy handle has applications in a wide range of fields, including zinc alloy furniture handle hardware. The reasons that the product is widely used in industries are mainly due to the fact that using this product can cut energy costs while maintaining high productivity.
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To enter into the high-end Zinc alloy handle market, Hench has been following the international standard to produce Zinc alloy handle. Please contact.

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