Can Hench provide Aluminum handle installation video?

The installation video of Aluminum handle is provided by SHANGHAI HENGCHUAN HARDWARE Co., Ltd. together with the product. It features high definition, bilingual subscripts, and premium quality. It covers the whole installation process in a bright environment so as to facilitate the installation conducted by customers. We shoot a close-up of each movement, with product conditions clearly displayed. There will be a description of the spare parts so that customers will not be puzzled by the numerous parts. If customers still feel it difficult to complete the process, contact us for assistance.
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By giving quality Zinc alloy handle at a competitive price,'' SHANGHAI HENGCHUAN HARDWARE has been highly recognized in the worldwide industry. Zinc alloy handle is one of Hench's multiple product series. The whole production of Hench ball bearing door hinges is finely finished by our dedicated experienced production team. The product is tough and durable. The materials used for this product are highly and chemically resistant and structurally strong.
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We are committed to being an innovative leader in this industry. We will spare no effort to grasp the emerging product concepts and innovative technologies to optimize our products and strengthen our innovation capabilities.

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