Cabinet selection principles of cabinet hardware selection that can not be ignored


The cabinet hardware includes sinks, faucets, cabinet slide rails and other accessories. When choosing these cabinet hardware accessories, you should pay attention to different aspects. The following editor will introduce you in detail.

Cabinet hardware selection principles that can’t be ignored when purchasing cabinets

Cabinet hardware includes sinks, faucets, cabinet slides and other accessories. These cabinet hardware accessories should be selected in different aspects. The same, the following editor will give you a detailed introduction.

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Cabinet hardware selection 1. Sink: see the nozzle, pipe diameter, smelly bay

The sink, which is used for washing vegetables, meat, and dishes, is the most frequently used hardware in the kitchen. But some long-used sinks faintly emit an unpleasant smell in the entire kitchen. What is going on? The most important reason is the anti-clogging ability of the sink. When buying a sink, pay attention to the design of its outlet, pipe diameter, and odor-resistant bay. You can also choose products with a sinking solid waste storage basket at the sink, and the depth should be greater than 18cm. In addition, the vegetable washing is usually done. When bowling, try to avoid the residue from flowing into the pipe.

Cabinet hardware selection two. Faucet: long water pipes, water saving, lead-free

It is recommended to choose products with long water pipes and high water outlets for kitchen faucets. The control function is better, and it can meet the needs of cooking or cleaning; in addition, due to the large consumption and the intake of food, special attention should be paid to the problems of water saving and environmentally friendly materials.

Cabinet hardware selection III. Cabinet slide hinges: check the appearance, opening and closing, sliding

Every kitchen must have large cabinets, but everyone always buys cabinets. Just remember to pay attention to the panel and countertop materials, and often ignore the hinges and slide rails-no matter how good the panel is, how can a cabinet that is not easy to open and place be called a good cabinet? For hinges, the opening and closing effect and durability, Natural, smooth, and silent are the basic requirements. It is recommended to choose a cold-rolled steel three-point clamping position and a multi-point positioning hinge; the sliding rail pays more attention to the sliding function, and it is smooth and smooth when used under rated load conditions, without obvious friction and jamming. Plugging phenomenon. In addition, it is recommended to choose aluminum alloy products for the handle, and the invisible full-body handle is more beautiful.

Cabinet hardware selection 4. Cabinet hanging basket handle: focus on style coordination, functional and practical

Pots, pans, pans, cups, etc. must be kept in the kitchen everyday, how to avoid A messy state? In addition to some basic hardware accessories, there are many powerful storage hardware that can help you. The most common ones are hanging baskets and hanging baskets. When choosing a pull basket or hanging basket, pay attention to distinguish chrome-plated and stainless steel materials. At the same time, you must measure the size of the space in advance, and then choose different types of hanging baskets according to your needs. If you don’t want to buy a basket, you can directly install a net in the cabinet. Baskets and nets.

Have you learned how to choose cabinet hardware accessories? I hope you can buy high-quality cabinet hardware accessories.

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