Cabinet repair cabinet hinge repair method introduction


Many people don’t know how cabinet hinge repair is. Let us follow in the footsteps of the editor to explore and learn how cabinet hinge repair is. The installation method and steps are not very clear, and some problem. In order to facilitate everyone's installation and use, let's introduce to you the maintenance method of cabinet hinge.

Introduction to cabinet repair and cabinet hinge repair methods

Many people don’t know what cabinet hinge repair is, so let us follow in the footsteps of the editor to explore and learn about cabinet hinge repair What's the matter? I am not very clear about the installation method and steps, and some problems have occurred. In order to facilitate everyone's installation and use, let's introduce to you the maintenance method of cabinet hinge.

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Cabinet hinge repair-what is a hinge

Hinge, also known as hinge, is used to connect two solid A mechanical device that allows relative rotation between the two. The hinge may be composed of a movable component, or may be composed of a foldable material. The hinges are mainly installed on doors and windows, and the hinges are more installed on the cabinets. According to the material classification, they are mainly divided into stainless steel hinges and iron hinges; in order to let people get better enjoyment, hydraulic hinges (also called damping hinges) have appeared. Its characteristic is to bring a buffer function when the cabinet door is closed, which minimizes the noise caused by collision with the cabinet body when the cabinet door is closed.

Maintenance of cabinet hinges-attention to the use of hinges

1. Wipe gently with a dry soft cloth. Do not clean with chemical cleaners or acidic liquids. There are black spots on the surface that are difficult to remove, you can wipe it with a little kerosene;

2. It is normal to make a noise after a long time of use. In order to ensure that the pulley is lasting smoothly and quietly, you can add lubricating oil regularly every 2-3 months maintenance.

3. Prevent heavy objects and sharp objects from hitting and scratching.

4. Avoid violent pulling during transportation, which may damage the hardware at the furniture joints.

Maintenance of cabinet hinges-how to repair cabinet hinges

Insert the hinge into the base, and then gently press the hinge arm with your fingertips, and you can hear a 'click' at the same time , Indicating that the hinge arm is safely hooked on the hinge base through five fulcrums. In principle, the quick installation process is completed in a cross sequence from top to bottom, and the uppermost hinge bears all the weight of the door.

The disassembly process is just the opposite, which is carried out from bottom to top. The hinge can be removed by lightly pressing the spring sliding bolt hidden in the hinge arm for safety. Using the same procedure, remove the hinged arm from the base so that the door can be moved away from the front.

In order to enhance the storage function of the kitchen, it is indispensable to design some tall cabinets, some of which are top-opening cabinets. This kind of cabinets also cannot do without flap hinges. Hinges can be installed on the upper flap and the side panel respectively, so that the flap can be added at the end, which brings a lot of convenience.

In life, we must use cabinet hinges. Therefore, learning cabinet hinge maintenance has become a very important issue. In our daily life, we should have a certain understanding of the installation of these daily necessities, so that we You can solve it by yourself when you install and use it. For more knowledge about cabinet hinges, please visit

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