Cabinet enterprises use quality for development, putting consumers first

Due to the fierce competition in the cabinet market and the homogenization of cabinet products, many companies have begun to look for personalized innovation. Nowadays, consumer groups are different from the past. Their requirements for products are getting higher and higher. Only by continuously innovating the design of products can cabinet companies gain the favor of consumers. However, under the continuous product innovation, although the design level has been improved, the quality issue still needs to be paid attention to, and cabinet companies cannot ignore this fundamental issue.

  Cabinet products are differentiated in categories due to different materials and functions. Each different type of cabinet has its own standard requirements. In the process of product design and development, or the design of other brand products, cabinet companies must grasp the standardization of various product production, and cannot blindly ask for strangeness and difference. However, news about the unqualified quality of some cabinet brand products has been seen frequently in the market.

   Law enforcement and consumers should not be tolerant

  From the actual market performance, the quarterly quality inspection reports of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and the Quality Supervision Bureau, as the key departments for quality supervision, can often see that some unqualified cabinet products and brands are notified and publicized. However, this The notice only serves to remind consumers to pay attention, and does not provide specific penalties for manufacturers and enterprises of unqualified cabinets and other furniture products.

   Secondly, consumer tolerance has become the driving force for big brands to ignore quality issues. Some surveys show that consumers' tolerance for big brands is quite shocking. When some reporters asked consumers about the quality of well-known brands in interviews, they often heard the answer: 'Does such a famous brand have quality problems?' The ambiguous attitude of consumers has also prompted some cabinet brands. To some extent, the product quality is ignored.

   cabinet business seeks development by quality

   If cabinet companies want to truly seek long-term development, they must really put consumers first, shoulder the reputation and reputation given by consumers, strictly control the production process of products, strictly control quality, and use qualified products. The cabinet products return to consumers. When consumers buy cabinet products, they should also start from the quality and choose high-quality cabinet products that suit them.

   Then there is law enforcement agencies should also increase law enforcement. Do not let the results of quality inspections only remain in written reports and news, but should take measures to increase penalties and order substandard products to withdraw from the market. Companies impose penalties such as fines and suspension of production to urge companies to improve quality issues and create a healthy consumption environment for consumers.
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