Cabinet e-commerce needs to treat rationally, omni-channel marketing system is imperative

With the development of Internet technology and mobile terminal technology, the 21st century has entered the era of e-commerce; the consumption behavior of the new generation of consumer groups has brought traditional retail from offline to online, and the sales of household products such as cabinets have entered the era of omni-channel marketing. A new generation of online shopping consumer groups has been formed, and it is an inevitable choice for cabinet companies to adapt to consumer habits to electronicize traditional businesses.

  Cabinet companies must be rational about e-commerce

   However, the attitude of cabinet companies towards e-commerce is not suitable for over-cooling or over-heating. At present, the attitude of cabinet companies towards e-commerce is mostly rational and indifferent. Among the e-commerce platforms headed by Tmall and, many well-known companies have successively established e-commerce platform flagship stores, all of which have carried out a preliminary layout of e-commerce channels. However, after opening the flagship store pages of these brands, it is not difficult to find that the flagship stores of most brands are in an 'idle' state, and their monthly transaction volume is mostly single digits or directly zero.

   At the same time, there are not a few cabinet companies that have not yet launched an e-commerce layout, or have not yet been involved in e-commerce intentions. It is not difficult to find after a careful search of the cabinet products on the e-commerce platform. Although there are many brands, there are many big names. But compared to the cabinet industry, it can only be regarded as the tip of the iceberg.

  Establish a comprehensive channel marketing system

   E-commerce is an important trend in the future development of the building materials and home furnishing industry, which is the consensus of many industry professionals. It is for this reason that some powerful cabinet companies will deploy and settle on the e-commerce platform. But among them, most of the companies just take the e-commerce platform as a new channel to preemptively deploy. Now the e-commerce in the cabinet industry is not yet mature, and these companies have not paid enough attention to the e-commerce flagship store.

   The cabinet industry should follow the trend to electronicize business. E-commerce channels are like the sky of the region, while physical stores are ground positions. Only by integrating vacant land and land with omni-directional and omni-channel marketing can we hold our ground. We are experiencing a great era of change. This change has put forward new requirements on the traditional real economy through the Internet, and also put forward new requirements on traditional dealers. Cabinet companies must lead the omni-channel marketing system to achieve greater development. space.
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