Cabinet door handle installation location selection


When many people choose the cabinet handle, they are particularly careful, because the handle can make the whole cabinet look more integrated, so where should the cabinet handle be installed so that it is particularly convenient for us to use it?

In fact, most handles have two general types of cabinets, one is a wall cabinet, and the other is a desktop cabinet. Most hanging cabinets are generally very tall, so when installing according to the height of the owner, This will make it easier for us to open the door. The top of the door handle is the upper part of the door, preferably the upper part of the door. So no matter what it is, the cabinet is mainly based on our design, and the height of the owner is the same as the color of the furniture.

L22-cabinet door handle

Aluminum alloy material

The curved feet are beautiful, stable in use, safe and reliable< /p>

Installation: The foot has a through hole for the hexagon socket screw M8

Use: medical equipment, food processing equipment, CNC machine tools, testing equipment, etc.

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