Cabinet dealers need to find the market positioning target to seek a successful business

With the rapid development of the cabinet industry market, the demand in the consumer market has gradually increased, making more dealers see business opportunities to join the cabinet industry. However, under the segmentation of cabinet consumer groups, the market has a symbiotic basis of multi-level and multi-regional brands. Different types of cabinet brands correspond to different levels of the market, but the distinction between them is constantly diversifying and permeating each other, which further intensifies the competition in the cabinet market. Therefore, dealers need to find their market positioning to succeed in starting a business.

   Correctly understand the cabinet brand, locate the target marketing

  When choosing a cabinet brand, dealers should choose the market segmentation, from which area their brand should start with faster and better occupation of the market share, and think about and analyze the things related to the entire agency process: consumer buying mode Analysis, analysis of consumer buying behavior types and decision-making process (consumption culture and value concepts are different in each region), etc., dealers need to integrate brand products with regional consumption values u200bu200bin order to make the business develop steadily.

   In order to preserve strength and advance hard under the strong integration trend, the cabinet brand must strengthen the brand belief and strengthen the brand’s core competitiveness. It does not need to make every feature of the brand bigger and stronger, but it must have a distinctive Identification. Through the continuous development of the enterprise, the concept of product differentiation is penetrated into it, thereby affecting the consumer's propensity to consume.

   At present, there are not many consumer groups for high-end cabinets. Low-end cabinet products are still the mainstream. The most basic demand for mid- and low-end consumption is to have quality assurance and after-sales protection. Therefore, under the premise of the main consumer, the cabinet brand The degree of concentration needs to be continuously improved. Therefore, no matter what type of cabinet manufacturer, it needs to have brand awareness and deepen the audience's impression of it, so that dealers can operate more securely.

   cabinet dealers build brand reputation

  The ultimate goal of dealers operating a brand is for sustainable development. The prerequisite for sustainable development is to require consumers to make a second purchase and recommend their friends and relatives to buy together, and gradually become the 'voluntary promoter' of the brand. The operators who can do this well are the real wise men. Brand reputation is mainly reflected in the quality of products and services.

   Every dealer is saying to provide good service, but very few can do it well. Basically, it is just a formality without long-term accumulation and persistence. To provide good service, cabinet operators must first establish a service system. Store service is the basic and the key is after-sales service. Only when your service has a good reputation in the minds of consumers, can you gain an advantage in the local market and sustain development.

  Cabinets should find the brand positioning in any period of development. The products have different changes due to the development of the times. Catering to the needs of consumers is one of the driving forces for long-term development. If a distributor wants to act as an agent for branded cabinet products with characteristics and styles, and complete a successful business venture, he must go to the market and recognize the brand positioning, own positioning, and market conditions. The influence of a cabinet brand ultimately does not come from outside the market, but lies in the market and whether consumers can recognize it.
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