Cabinet customization has become a trend, and cabinet companies have sinking channels

Since the development of the cabinet industry, there are two major characteristics. First: At present, with the continuous improvement of living standards, the people's demand for personalized consumption has become more and more obvious, and customized cabinets have become a consumer trend. Second: As my country is vigorously building an urbanized society, business opportunities in the urbanization market are frequent, and many cabinet companies have seized the opportunity to intervene in the blank area of u200bu200bthe urban market.

  The business opportunities in the era of personalized consumption in the cabinet industry are fully revealed

  Custom cabinets are products adapted to the era of personalized consumption, with huge potential for future development. The re-upgrading of consumption concepts will increase people's demands for personalized home furnishing. The increase of small and medium-sized housing in cities will prompt people to pay more attention to space utilization. The increase in the number of well-decorated houses and many other factors will affect the future development of the cabinet industry.

   It is true that customized cabinets can well meet the difference in the use of cabinets and the individual needs of users. With the younger consumer group of cabinets, personalized needs will bring new business opportunities to customized cabinet manufacturers. In addition, the proportion of hardcover houses in our country is relatively low, but as the income of our urban residents continues to rise, there are increasingly higher requirements for houses. In addition, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has introduced incentive policies for finely decorated houses, which has also accelerated the development of finely decorated houses in my country. The increase in finely decorated houses means an increase in the demand for overall customized cabinets.

   Channel sinking creates a new world for cabinet companies

   At present, the domestic first- and second-tier market in the cabinet industry is gradually becoming saturated, which makes many cabinet companies have to find new profit points. At the same time, many cabinet companies find that the development of the cabinet industry in first- and second-tier cities is freezing. However, the cabinet industry market in third- and fourth-tier cities continues to be hot. This phenomenon has caused many cabinet companies to smell business opportunities, and cabinet companies have begun to sink their channels. It is also because of this follow-up situation that kitchen cabinet brands in third- and fourth-tier cities have sprung up and varied, leading to a situation where there are too many porridges in the market, and a fierce market war is about to begin.

   In addition, real estate sales in second- and third-tier cities are currently better than those in first-tier cities, and the growth rate of consumption in second- and third-tier cities is similar to that of first-tier cities. The consumption growth rate brings more incentives for cabinet consumption than first-tier cities. Therefore, it is predicted that second- and third-tier cities The demand for cabinets in cities will grow faster. Paying attention to the market in second and third tier cities will help cabinet companies to expand their market share faster.
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